August 26, 2006
7: 11 PM

Vettaiyadu Vilayadu – movie review



“Another episode in police officer’s life” – the flash before the advent of the story settles down most of the viewers in dissapointment. But thats not the way it should be interpreted.

Indian cinema viewers have the habit of getting contented if a movie goes to show almost the entire life of the protagonist (be it even an action flick). Gautham broke that viewpoint in “Kaakha Kaakha” by packaging an episodian style-story . He follows the same style here.

Episode might be called a sequence of incidents which may or may not create a turnaround. But these kind of movies could serve our analysis better if watched with a subjective viewpoint rather than searched for purpose or some message. The character’s meticulous detailing and ability of the director to do that character analysis should be the key in such movies.

There are going to be a sequence of incidents – lets see how raaghavan handles that —–is the key viewpoint factor.

Raaghavan (Kamalhaasan) is a DCP. Gautham strikes the viewer with a hint of how raaghavan is mannered with the first few scenes. Kamal effortlessly has displayed instincts and behavioural pattern in those scenes.

Synopis (no spoilers) : Raaghavan is set to investigate on an alleged murder of Rani, daugter of another police and friend played by Prakash Raj. Owing to a series of events that follow, he travels to New york on another related muder investigation where he meets Aradhana (Jyothika). The investigation engagement with Anderson (Kevin costner look-alike) tunes the movie to a tone of mystery, suspense and bloodshed. The plot behind the serial murders, how Raaghavan handles that, how he tries to connect with Aradhana is told in a raw, gory and beautifully mature style by Gautham.

Speaking of technicality, this movie tops almost very single movie in tamil cinema so far. Ravi varman’s camera work, paints every viewer “intrigued”. Rolling shots and transitional effects are awesome. 35 mm aerial shots are done with art and creativity. It contributes to the pace of the movie. The picturization of Paartha Mudhal, Uyirile songs are cute and artsy.

Harris Jeyaraj is another important technician in this movie. He not only creates metal strikes but also some feel-good factor with his excellent songs. The BGM is truly amazing (not much arabic style hummings though), especially in those scenes where Raaghavan is on the trail with Anderson.

Direction and dialogue writing deserve a standing ovation at various points of the movie. Viewers may settle with a premediated idea on kamal-jyothika onscreen chemistry. But to be frank, it was gelled with the fast-paced story perfectly. It might get a bit more mature and tidy in the second half, again based on viewers.

I would like to mention one scene where I was hooked by summation of director.

Aradhana asks, “Are you Nostradamus?” He replies, “No,,,much worse – a policeman”.. Similar euphemistic dialogues between them are really carved out effectively by gautham – kudos!!!

If a viewer is too much speculative on originality of script – this movie will disappoint. The script is not thoroughly original. But I felt its not necessary since my view is on how the director handled the scenes. This is another episode which just looks measly similar to kaakha Kaakha in some 2nd half-scenes.

Look at the performances: (Character analysis is just brilliant)

Kamal’s stature is in blend with gautham’s growing maturity in filmaking. If Kamal’s 100% is required, it can only come through his own production and direction. He has underplayed here and thats what is demanded by the script. So die hard kamal fans may stay away. But this is a director’s movie showing a lot of respect to Kamal’s stature. I believe its a “Take-a-break ” from heavy-styled-kamal emotions.

Jyothika – A performance that showed hard-worked home-work because she stands before the veteran Kamalhassan in all her scenes.

Amudhan (Daniel Balaji of Kaaka Kaakha fame) has given a splendid phychotic mood to the script which demanded such gruesome scenes. Claps to his performance.

All supporting performers are good in their own way, expecially Prakash Raj who has been given a worthy scope to act in those little amount of scenes.

To package my thoughts, I felt entertained , felt subtled, felt contented after a truckload of worthless movies this year. This movie WILL entertain you!! Kamal looks still spectacular at 50!!!!


* Kamalhaasan’s presence and orientation to script
* Dialogue-writing and Direction
* Songs and BGM by Harris Jeyaraj
* Stunt sequences
* Cinematography


* Similarity to Kaakha Kaakha in some 2nd half scenes
* Overdoing with violence at some points
* Neruppe song (what the hell is this song doing here)
* Screenplay in second half
* A compromising climax

Rating: **********

VV rocks!! A complete entertainer! Technicality at its best…


  1. Santhosh K.R. | 26th Aug 06

    Yup… A good movie! though not a great movie… The director lost track in the second half… Anyway, was contended a lot seeing a nice movie after a series of mokka movies this year … But this is not certainly a mile stone talking as a Kamal fan… Even surya cud have done this… May be this a hit for kamal/gautham/whomsoever concerned but I dont think it will stand in the history of tamil cinemas like Anbe Sivam or Nayakan… Gautham can better start thinking on different stories than creating an episode-III in his next venture…

  2. Praveen | 26th Aug 06


    Thanks for leaving comment,.every movie cant be made a milestone…even Manirathnam’s movie hasnt been a milestone every time. Some movies are made to shine on a different tone. This movie is sound on the basis of entertainment. A rare action flick with some intelligence and maturity. Neednt be original always. Mani’s aydha ezhuthu wasnt original either.

    A movie cant be made for an actor. Kamal shines well and stands apart in various scenes which the youth and freshness of ppl like surya wont help. Kaakha Kaakha was fresh. But this is a story that involves two pale and sad people falling in love and seeking acceptance..Gautham would have felt Kamal is very apt to show such complex expressions and he was rite in my point of view. So lets nt debate abt the casting.

  3. Vincent | 27th Aug 06

    I agree. What stood out were the technical brilliance and attention to detail. And Kamal rocks!!
    Do check my review too. 🙂

  4. Anonymous | 30th Aug 06

    Its a good movie but I don’t think this has anything special from Kamal!

    Editing was pathetic in the whole movie. If you are hardcore Kamal fan then you wouldn’t have noticed that for the first time 🙂 The only place where Kamal shines in this movie is the place where he cries when his wife was killed.

    This movie is no where near kamals “Kurudhipunal” or Surya’s “Khakha Khakha”.

  5. Praveen | 30th Aug 06


    Its been a cliched thing to instantiate performance from heavy-emotion scenes. Kamal, in years, had been an expert in showing heavy emotions. But again, such kinda scenes neednt be exerted by the director to utilize that man’s performance.

    Kamal and calmness go together in this movie. Watch his eye movements and body language in interrogation scenes – amazing congruence and correctness which only comes by experience (As Gautham had mentioned in an interview in the due course of movie shooting)

    I felt Surya didnt capture those tiny frameworks in Kaakha Kaakha (I agree, his performance was good). Surya was good as a cop in Kaakha Kaakha, but Kamal was correct as a cop in VV. So please do watch it again and enjoy the frames of this veteran in action.

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