2011 – Top 20 Tamil Songs >> 15 – 11

Engeyum Kadhal

Movie: Engeyum Kadhal
MD: Harris Jayaraj
Singers: Aalap Raju, Devan, Ranina Reddy
Lyricist: Thamarai

Thamarai’s exquisite poetry on love couldn’t get a better tribute than this musical sweetness from Harris. There’s an inarguable touch of class in the way the whole track unfurls in Aalap Raju’s absorbing rendition. Those steady beats that linger, those simple lines that strike beauty make you want to listen more and more. And more. 

Celebration of love!



Movie: Osthi
MD: Thaman
Singers: Rahul Nambiar, Mahathi
Lyricist: Yugabharathi

A truly racy dance number, eclipsed by the hype and sensation of Kalasala from the same album is a remake of Thaman’s own, Silaka Raaye Silaka from the Telugu flick Mirapakaay. Neduvaali is at its fluent best right from the word go. The beats just hit you with so much of buoyancy. The chorus effect on Mahathi’s voice alternating with Rahul’s vibrant singing makes it a totally entertaining package. Ada Dumeelu Dhan Ada Dumeelu Dhan – just love this part!

Thaman knows the pulse!

Pudhu Punal

Movie: Mouna Guru
MD: Thaman
Singers: Ranjith, Rahul Nambiar, Karthikeyan
Lyricist: Vaali

Rarely does Tamil Cinema introduce the protagonist with a song that’s hauntingly profound in nature. There’s a sublime rhyme in Vaali’s lines that has been emphasized musically to great effect by Thaman. His adaptation of the song “Jambalingame Jadadhara” for the philosophical portions fits the mood like a glove.

Drawing a blissful nod!


Vizhigalil Oru Vaanavil

Movie: Deiva Thirumagal
MD: GV Prakash Kumar
Singers: Saindhavi
Lyricist: Na. Muthukumar

Like the whisper of love, it soothes your ear and heals your heart. Saindhavi’s husky intonation, however hauntingly beautiful, reminds me of V Kumar’s masterpiece Kathodudhaan Naan Paaduven sung by the veteran LR Eswari. Though there are a number of soft love melodies of this type, love oozes here in peace and calm. A girl sings of the discovery of her love for a man and her awe for the mystery it creates around her through splendid imagery. Commendable work by the lyricist! And GV Prakash has given the perfect composition for the mood.

Like a serene, lingering dream!


Otha Sollala

Movie: Aadukalam
MD: GV Prakash Kumar
Singers: Velmurugan
Lyricist: Yegadhasi

Inarguably, the best dappankuthu of the year! The boundless energy coming out this song never fails to enliven the listener putting an inevitable smile on the face. Boasting very different yet funny lyrics, the song’s exuberance and magic is propelled by the fresh, rustic voice of Velmurugan. Whenever I am down and out, I listen to this. And whenever I am in the mood for celebration, I listen to this. There were times when I used to play this song on full blast at home and dance like no one’s watching.

Onnum sollame usura thottaye
Manasa inikka vecha seeni mittaye

Ithu kuthu illa. Gummankuthu!


  1. Anonymous | 31st Dec 11

    15 – Kullanari Koottam – vizhigaliley vizhigaliley
    Singers: Karthik, Chinmayee
    Music: V. Selvaganesh
    Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

    A pleasant duet that strikes out in the movie. Amazing Chinmayee shows off her versatility once again. Choreographed with more close up shots that bring out the beauty of the eyes as mentioned in the lyrics. A perfect sync.

    14 – Vandhaan vendraan – Anjana Anjanaa
    Singers: Aalaap Raju
    Music: Thaman
    Lyrics: Yugabharathi

    Though the film bombed at the box office, this is one song that reverberated in my lips for quite some time. Gives a pleasant
    feel when watched with the locations on screen.

    13 – Ra One – Stand by Me (Poovulagamaa)
    Singers: Shankar Mahadevan;Unni Menon
    Music: Vishal-Shekhar

    Many songs lose their identity when translated from one language to another. This is one exception. Backed with amazing orchestration,
    if not for Shankar Mahadevan's pitch the vocal would not have coped up to the beat. Though another strong contender from Ra-one 'Chamak Chalo' was on the race for a place in the list, this song scores big in the front of Lyrics.

    12 – Mankatha – Vilayaadu mankatha
    Singers: Ranjith, Premgi Amaren, Sucharita and Anitha
    Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
    Lyrics: Gangai Amaren, Sucharita (Hindi), Yuvan Shankar Raja (English)

    This song originally released as a single piece from Mankatha succeded in bringing the attention and publicity needed for
    the much hyped Ajith starrer. Simply amazing co-ordination between the singers and a peppy disco party like visualization
    take this song to the next level. Other contenders for this spot from Mankatha were 'En nanbaney' and 'Vaada Bin Laeda'. But,
    this song simply scores high in the extravagance and lavish picturization creating the mass effect.

    11 – Nootrenbathu – Nee korinaal
    Singers: Karthik and Swetha Mohan
    Music: Sharreth
    Lyrics: Karky

    On hearing this song, I was simply blown away by Swetha Mohan's amazing voice. She is a prodigy indeed! Completely concur with your
    verdict on the song.


  2. K Praveen | 31st Dec 11

    Anjana Anjana is a very good song but I feel Thaman's a bit predictable in romantic melodies. His violin interludes are literally the same every time.

    Nice pick from Ra One. I am hearing it right now.

  3. மகேஷ் ராஜ் | 31st Dec 11

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