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Enna Thanthiduven

Movie: Sathurangam
MD: Vidyasagar
Singers: Karthik, Srilekha
Lyricist: Pa. Vijay

Some songs spoil you, don’t they? They take you out for a blind stroll into the wonder world of love – so elusive and so unrealistic, where everything is falling apart except your indulgence with that stroller. You just want to be stuck there and be forgotten forever. I must be one of the very few in this world to feel so happy when the movie Sathurangam was resurrected from the buried and released after 6 long years; Now that it’s out, I could officially pin this evergreen musical mesmerizer to the list of top songs of the year! Karthik and Srilekha sing for each other and not the listener. How often do you hear songs with such chemistry between the singers? And when you hear songs like this, you feel that the composer and his team would fail miserably if they ever tried creating them. They can’t be composed. They just happen.

Unbearable sweetness!


Dhimu Dhimu

Movie: Engeyum Kadhal
MD: Harris Jayaraj
Singer: Karthik
Lyricist: Na. Muthukumar

The loveable aspect of this divine melody is that the suffering of a man who keeps searching for the cause of the agitation in his mind is neither expressed using extreme pathos nor using a tempo that bursts your vessels. It’s so poised. Harris and Karthik team up to pull off that magic they created in “Aval Ulaga Azhagiye” from Lesa Lesa. The tempo that picks up during the end of the song, which flows with subtle pain almost until then reflects sheer joy.

As Karthik’s voice graces the line, “Jaamathil vizhikiren jannal vazhi thoongum nila”, I know he sings to my soul. He is my singer of the decade. Just can’t pick his best rendition.

A Karthik Special!



Movie: Deiva Thirumagal
MD: GV Prakash Kumar
Singer: Haricharan
Lyricist: Na. Muthukumar

It’s a dream for a singer, isn’t it? A solo song that expresses a full bundle of emotions in a relationship through seamless poetry. It should be a dream for every singer in the world. What more does a singer want than being heard alone? What more does a singer crave than his voice opening up the floodgates of a soul. Haricharan, having realized that, grabs the beautiful offering in both hands and delivers what that not just stirs your heart in the course but lingers like a persistent parasite that sucks all the sorrow out of your life. Aariro is more than a lullaby. It’s the ecstatic reaction of a father who just heard his cute little baby say “Pa” for the first time. GV Prakash deserves a huge garland for the composition.



Sara Sara

Movie: Vaagai Sooda Vaa
MD: Ghibran
Singer: Chinmayi
Lyricist: Vairamuthu

Beginning with a delightful little wordplay, Vairamuthu not just ventures into giving us great snapshots from the countryside but also uncannily explores the corridors of a village girl’s heart. What can I say! Picture perfect! Such songs can be written only from true experiences and not by mere imagination. The girl from the village in love with an officer welcomes him home, introduces him her way of life, offers him all the warmth, winks in admiration, blinks in disappointment; but keeps everything to herself. Ghibran’s orchestration, very reminiscent of the AR Rahman of the 90s, reflects a poignant understanding of the poet’s lines and the warmth in the girl’s heart. I’d love to remember this voice as Chinmayi’s original one because I feel she sounds different every time – Mayya Mayya, Oru Deivam Thandha Poove, for example. The vivid visuals of this song deserve a special mention. Wish we had more songs made this way! The art of making a tasteful video has become so rare these days.

Warmth in the way of life; warmth in a woman’s heart! 


  1. Anonymous | 31st Dec 11

    5. Sathurangam – Enna thanthiduven
    Singers:Karthik, Srilekha
    Lyrics: Pa. Vijay

    Vidhyasagar always has this knack of bringing out evergreen mesmerizers like this goodie.
    Had this movie been released at the right time, no doubts this would have been a chart buster for sure!
    A song to cherish for a long time!

    4 – Deiva thirumagal – Aariro aarariro ithu thanthayin thaalaattu
    Singers: Haricharan
    Music: G.V. Prakash
    Lyrics:Na. Muthukumar

    Speaking of a lullaby two songs come to my mind "Amma endru azhaikaatha" from Mannan
    in which a son sings for his mother, and "Aarariraaro naan ingu ppada, thaayey nee kann urangu" from Ram
    in which again, a son sings for his mother.This is one song where a child sings for another child.
    From now on, this is the third lullaby that I will remember for life!
    An emotionally involving movie glorified by the performance of the little girl and Vikram.
    No matter how many critics denounce the movie stating that it is lifted from "I am Sam", I believe that
    Deiva Thirumagal is one of those rare gems of Tamil Cinema. Hats off Vijay!

    3 – Mayakkam enna – Pirai thedum iraviley uyirey ethai thedi alaigiraai
    Singers: G. V. Prakash Kumar, Saindhavi
    Music: G. V. Prakash Kumar
    Lyrics: Dhanush

    Would you believe that someone whom the world denounced as a little kiddo and unfit to become a hero would today make India
    turn back and look at him? Dhanush, has indeed proven himself to be a multi talented person which is evident from the lyrics of
    this beauty! On first hearing the song, I thought that Selva penned down the lyrics. But, was pleasantly shocked to know that it was
    Dhanush's lyrics. The best part about this song is that it comes with the flow of the movie and to my surprise, Selva who has this bad habit
    of trimming songs which add to the value of a movie (like 'Oru naalil' in Pudupettai) didn't use his scissors on this song.
    Very aptly written for the situation portrayed in the film. This song scores over other contenders like 'Oda Oda' and 'Adidaa avalai'
    for the simple reason that this is unobtrusive to the screenplay of 'Mayakkam enna'.

    2 – Vaagai soodava – Sara sara saara kaathu
    Singers: Chinmayee
    Music: Ghibran
    Lyrics: Vairamuthu

    Yes you are right. What a debut it has indeed been for Gibran! Couldn't believe that he could deliver such classical notes right
    away on his debut. The first time I heard this song in FM, I thought that it was Shreya Ghoshal's voice and was pleasantly
    surprised to know it was Chinmayee. All the small sangathi's that she brings in while singing add to the flavor of the song.
    The picturization of the song again gives a fairy tale feeling to me! The way the female lead shows her warmth to the protagonist,
    the little pranks she plays, her cute expressions, her perception on the protagonist…wow simply wonderful!
    This gem of a song rather unfortunately features in the most unnoticed and under rated classic of the year. I am a little angry
    with you for not reviewing 'Vaagai Soodavaa' as I have personally known you as someone who reviews good films right from my days
    at Infosys. I definitely wanted to give a place for 'Poraney Poraney' as well, but, as you know…countdown rules are rules!

    However, I must say, both the director (whose earlier flick Kalavaani was equally good) and Gibraan would go places!


  2. Anonymous | 31st Dec 11

    Time to make a prediction…

    Let me guess the number 1 spot.

    1 – Ko – Ennamo etho
    Singers: Aalap Raju, Prashanthini, Sricharan, Emcee Jesz
    Music: Harris Jeyaraj
    Lyrics: Madhan Karky, Sricharan, Emcee Jesz

    A perfect blend in all aspects! Feels like tasting the perfect ice cream at Baskin Robbins whenever I hear this song!
    This song scores in all parameters that I had used for evaluation. There is no competition for this song within the movie as well.
    Any justification as to why this deserves the number 1 spot would be unjust on my part as a novice like me would only enjoy
    and love such a beauty…even as I am penning these lines down, this song is running on my system!

    So, Praveen…countdown's over. What does this show? Do we have something in common? At least our preferences for music?

    I believe we do!


  3. K Praveen | 31st Dec 11

    This is a nice list Anon! Lot in common. Pirai thedum stayed in my mind for a while but I couldn't remember the tune much later. It's a bit elusive in nature 🙂

    And as u said, Sara Sara is such an underrated track! I simple couldn't avoid Poraney song. Just for those beats and Nega Bhasin's voice 🙂

  4. K Praveen | 31st Dec 11

    @Anon And personally I am very angry with you too since you continue to comment anonymously 🙂

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