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Caption: 1980s

August 22, 2015
1: 24 PM

Modern Romance (1981)

Albert Brooks is someone who could talk through an entire scene. Without a pause, he could tire you out with his repeated wallow on self-pity, cynicism and paranoia until you want to move over to the next scene only to realize you crave another edition of the same scene. You inherit the neuroticism from the character and it is the humorous evil hidden in the closet of the scene that cons you into doing it. Full Reel…

Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveller (1988)

Philately is a dying hobby, practically extinct, in the current generation. While being a kid during the 80s, you’d have certainly sunk in the rage of collecting stamps and trading them among friends and other circles. Parents then always encouraged their kids to collect stamps because the younger generation could learn many things – art of trading, negotiation skills, value of a possession, historical and cultural heritage of places around the world and also broaden their social circles. The mere sight of looking at one’s own collectibles, be it stamps or coins or books or movies…

The Money Pit (1986)

Tom Hanks, early in his career, featured mostly in light, family dramedies (Turner and Hooch, Big, Splash) until the mid 90s from when he made a dramatic shift in choosing the kind of roles (Philadelphia, Saving Private Ryan, Green Mile). The Money Pit is the typical early Hanks venture – strangely themed, narrowly plotted, mildly romantic, occasionally slapstick comedy that provides a decent Sunday afternoon viewing. Full Reel…

Midnight Run (1988) – Review

My love for action-comedies reached its fever pitch on a summer late night when I accidentally tripped over this boisterously funny classic from the 80s and felt thoroughly exhilarated as the end credits rolled by. What more could a movie offer, I thought.  What more than make you sit for a couple of hours, take sides of characters, defend them, feel for them, adore their expressions, get hooked to their mannerisms, clap for their punch-lines, laugh over their witty verbal interplays, and pray for their redemption, all amidst consuming an interesting plot that only thickens by the…

January 30, 2011
12: 45 AM

Lisa (1989) – Review

At 14, we want it all and want it really fast. And Lisa is no exception.
Lisa, a naughty teenage girl, played by the incredibly cute Staci Keanan, and her best friend, always muse about cute guys they chance upon on the streets. They follow them and take pictures of them and then discuss fantasies during sleepovers. Their pastime is to note down cute guys’ car plate numbers to trace their phone numbers and make prank calls. Full Reel…