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Caption: Classics

Banana Joe (1982) – Review

He’s BIG, He’s FUNNY, He’s… BANANA JOE And yes, you’ll love him! What has Bud Spencer done to cinema? He has simply shown the masterful directors and the resourceful technicians around the world, that all cinema needs is be simple yet thoughtful. With Banana Joe, you…

January 15, 2010
11: 44 PM

Duel (1971) – Review

There is heat. There is sweat. There is fear. And then, there is the Duel. David Mann, a businessman, en route to an important appointment, passes by a monstrous tanker truck. The truck, which initially lets him drive by, continues to tailgate his car. Then it overtakes him and starts behaving like an annoying road…

Stand by Me (1986) – Review

  Based on the novella, ‘The Body’ by Stephen King, Stand by Me is a thoroughly enjoyable flick that’s filled with reminiscence of the good old days. The story happens in the summer of 59′ and it’s about four preteen boys setting out on a journey across the…

January 12, 2010
11: 30 PM

Silent Movie (1976) – Review

“Wait! You’ve got the wrong dog!” This is a not a dialogue that you hear but see in a caption card that leads up to one of the most hilarious sequences of this buoyant classic. Yes, this is the Silent Movie, which speaks PURE FUN for the entire 90-min journey…