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Useless Observations – 1

I think about such useless things, especially when I am facing serious deadlines at work. In all the Tamil movies involving AR Rahman-Manirathnam combo, there is at least one song in which the first two words of pallavi are the same. Is this a sentiment for the duo? Full Reel…

May 14, 2010
8: 22 PM


There is anger. There is frustration. There is restlessness. And there is recklessness. They are all deemed sinister. The evil qualities that would eventually lead to the death of a man’s character. Yes, of course, unless they are celebrated. Render these blazing verses of that angry young man, Magakavi Bharathiyar. The anger wouldn’t wither away but soar astronomically in your minds, thereby making you touch freedom of the highest order. Full Reel…

March 11, 2010
9: 07 PM


The bus is empty. It is early morning and people rush towards their stops. She gets in first and looks at the array of seats waiting to be taken. She walks gracefully in the aisle, allowing her mood to take over. Let it decide where she should stop. It may be in the beginning or in the middle or in the end. Doesn’t matter for now, really. After a pause, she takes one in the middle, where she now begins to feel comfy. It’s at the window. She feels it could give her an amusing experience…

The Roaring Hypocrites

There is a site where all you need to do is point and click. It means you ‘roar’ to save the tigers. Now, it’s quite appalling to see how many roars happen there for a minute. The campaign seems to be an astounding success. Full Reel…

January 23, 2010
11: 57 PM

The Case of the Missing Button

Employee 1: Full Reel…