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Caption: Movie Review

May 4, 2020
7: 13 AM

Forgotten [2017]: Takes a Piece of You

Forgotten catches you off guard at times and when it does, you’d feel you are watching a different thing altogether. In a strangely twisted story, your emotions as the viewer are allowed to be exaggerated but never apart from a grim realization of how devastatingly humanity can die in the wake of inevitable circumstances. Sometimes, you are just torn between the decisions the characters make; like watching through a tinted glass a rampant duel born out of moral conflicts and not knowing which side to root for. No one is evil; no one is good; only circumstances are. Full…

2.0: That Magnificent Rage and its Flying Machine

*****************SPOILERS AHEAD***************** Full Reel…

Larry Crowne: Schooling and Scootering

I picked Larry Crowne for its poster. It maybe a tribute to the endearing classic Roman Holiday but Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts riding gleefully on a scooter can never take a pass. Somehow, the sound of vintage scooters in movies enchants me. Old age scooters revving with low key grunts and hiccuping to a halt are something that I can enjoy in real life as well as reels. Aside from seeing lots and lots of scooters mostly in Indian and European movies, I feel that Hollywood doesn’t use them as much as they should. There’s cars…

July 18, 2016
12: 42 AM

Tracks: Poetry through Perseverance

Tracks can monopolize your thoughts after a single viewing. Faraway in the depths of the Australian Outback, an expansive, uncouth terrain filled with dunes and red dust and fuming waterholes and sacred spaces and secluded settlements and solitary ruins and remains of dead animals crackling in the sandy winds like dried leaves, stands a woman – head down, lips parched, skin scalded, body dwindled, feet cracked, holding behind in one hand the rope tacked to her camels, breathing swollen waves of desert heat, holding her life together, gathering up the courage and perseverance to take that one step further into…

April 22, 2016
3: 16 AM

Hush (2016)

Along the lines of a few masterfully made Intruder thrillers like Funny Games, Panic Room comes Hush in a color much darker and with a fear more visceral in nature. If you had watched the opening scenes of Scream, in which Drew Barrymore’s character is stalked by an unknown caller over the phone, you’d feel an equivalent sense of dread here but for the entire movie.After having lost her ability to hear and speak, an elusive writer lives in the woods (conveniently set for psycho-stalkers, though) and works on her novel. Though the plot…