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Caption: Perceptions

October 2, 2010
1: 05 PM

Bullock Cart – End

“Slow down, step like a baby”, Mr. Bull often said. I have always imagined how a baby that walks for the first time, feels. A baby that has no memories yet, that has no visions for the future, that has no idea how harder its journey could be in life, is trying to make its…

October 1, 2010
10: 23 PM

Bullock Cart – 7

Mr. Bull and I discussed the identity crisis. Sometimes people feel it’s too late to express their identity and so they have to search for someone who would accept that. A little scenario here. There was a man who liked to be famous. He worked hard and grew up to become a famous artist…

October 1, 2010
12: 45 AM

Bullock Cart – 6

Paradise I asked Mr. Bull if he could create the perfect world. He accepted the challenge. He then created a tiny utopian model and named it “Paradise”. He advertised that happiness, goodness, and no-labor would drive this world. Intrigued by the idea and the quality of life proposed, people rushed into this new model…

Bullock Cart – 5

Create Your Own Mirror I go into a changing room in a shop and find that the mirror reflects me differently with regard to shape, size, and texture – different from what the mirror at home reflects. In a changing room in another shop the mirror reflects me differently too – different from the other two. How…

Bullock Cart – 4

Purpose When Mr. Bull visited my home, he found me searching for something. It was just after I had my meal. He asked me if I was searching for a tranquil place to sleep in. But I said I was searching for a toothpick. “I lost it, I need it badly”. “What’s in a…