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To Begin with a Tie

As a boy in the second grade, all I knew then was to come back home promptly from school, gulp down a full tumbler of milk, change to a neatly folded pair of t-shirt and shorts, rush out the door, and jump down flights of stairs so that I wouldn’t be a minute…

January 15, 2011
11: 49 PM

India’s 15 for World Cup 2011

This is my guess. Sachin (by default) Viru (hoping there is no injury almost mysteriously discovered just before the first match of the tournament) Gambhir (Can lead India when Dhoni, during the match proceedings, goes for an urgent photo shoot for his renewed contract with Mysore Sandal soap) Yuvi (Yeah! He got an unmistakable 53…

March 27, 2009
10: 43 PM

Dawn of the Don

Mar 27, 1994 Sachin Tendulkar 82 (49) The date is etched in my memories like a pristine glass art. Thinking back those moments, I reel into a complete state of trance and I am now right there, exactly 15 years back, early morning 2:30 a.m. I tune into the sports channel, set a…

March 13, 2007
9: 59 PM

ESPN – oh poor thing!

I really pity the ESPN STAR sports channel to have lost the rights for this World Cup coverage. I am an ardent fan of Harsha Bhogle and his beautiful way of putting things along with the panel that could always show in-depth analysis in sensible and professional mode. Set Max is more on the…

March 18, 2006
11: 53 PM

Lost Wind(ies)

“Windies!!! Where is the wind???” The Vintage 70’s… If anyone could argue that today is the “Australian Era” in Cricket, I would argue that yesterday was indubitably the “Carribean Era“. Demond Haynes, Clive Lloyd, Gordon Greenidge, Viv Richards, Joel Garner, Malcolm Marshall, Michael Holding, Andy Roberts…