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To Begin with a Tie

As a boy in the second grade, all I knew then was to come back home promptly from school, gulp down a full tumbler of milk, change to a neatly folded pair of t-shirt and shorts, rush out the door, and jump down flights of stairs so that I wouldn’t be a minute too late in joining my playing group. Playing with friends for those two hours until twilight mosquitoes circled above my head was the highest point in a day. I hadn’t realized yet that there existed an alternate universe where, to be thrilled, all I…

August 2, 2013
1: 19 AM

The Old Mill in Technicolor

Times were simpler. Colors were vivid. Creators envisioned things. I always wish I existed back then; the real times I may call; to have a firsthand experience of watching the magic of a true creation unfurl before my eyes. Sometimes, I feel I belong to an era in cinema that dissolves itself in complete awe and admiration of works from the real times. We emulate. We recycle. Maybe we haven’t mutated yet. Of course we are now a step up in technology. We have sharper colors; sharper images and extreme realism in presentation. We build great things. But we…

January 30, 2011
12: 45 AM

Lisa (1989) – Review

At 14, we want it all and want it really fast. And Lisa is no exception.
Lisa, a naughty teenage girl, played by the incredibly cute Staci Keanan, and her best friend, always muse about cute guys they chance upon on the streets. They follow them and take pictures of them and then discuss fantasies during sleepovers. Their pastime is to note down cute guys’ car plate numbers to trace their phone numbers and make prank calls. Full Reel…

The Video Cassette Collection – 4

Track: I am Every WomanAlbum: The Bodyguard (OST)Year: 1993 Full Reel…

The Video Cassette Collection – 3

Track: C’est dur dur d’être un bébé (It’s tough to be a baby)Album: Pochette surpriseYear: 1992 Full Reel…