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Caption: Zigzag

April 15, 2009
9: 17 PM

ZigZag – 3

If life is dull the opposite should be interesting. To rephrase to follow the standards: if dull is life the opposite should be interesting. In my childhood, I had the habit of sleeping for long hours during the day. Still I have that. Indian Cinema is growing worse by the day. All gross movies become…

March 8, 2007
8: 02 PM

ZigZag – 2

* Nowadays, tamil cine actresses deliver their best performances just before they retire. Is it the urge to retire making them perform well? Simran in Kannathil Muthamittal (certainly not kovilpatti veeralatchmi) and Jyothika in Mozhi could be cited. * Indian team has gone into this world cup with great hype in the last moment. There is always…


I like leather strap watches which tighten my wrists better than shining metal strap watches. Basically with my thin wrist radius , i feel like inserting my hand itself into those loose shiny straps. At the same time, after i go out in sun and come back, i see that wrist watch-area alone with that…