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April 22, 2016
3: 16 AM

Hush (2016)

Along the lines of a few masterfully made Intruder thrillers like Funny Games, Panic Room comes Hush in a color much darker and with a fear more visceral in nature. If you had watched the opening scenes of Scream, in which Drew Barrymore’s character is stalked by an unknown caller over the phone, you’d feel an equivalent sense of dread here but for the entire movie.After having lost her ability to hear and speak, an elusive writer lives in the woods (conveniently set for psycho-stalkers, though) and works on her novel. Though the plot…

August 22, 2015
1: 24 PM

Modern Romance (1981)

Albert Brooks is someone who could talk through an entire scene. Without a pause, he could tire you out with his repeated wallow on self-pity, cynicism and paranoia until you want to move over to the next scene only to realize you crave another edition of the same scene. You inherit the neuroticism from the character and it is the humorous evil hidden in the closet of the scene that cons you into doing it. Full Reel…

Bound (1996)

Scenic Route (2013)

Scenic Route may not achieve that full catharsis through heated conversations, which spiral out between two friends stranded on a secluded desert highway but it certainly transcends the sophisticated boundaries that friends usually set for themselves. And during moments of dire conflicts, they lose sensitivity, and reverence for each other and merely become two wild animals fighting for one’s pride. Full Reel…

August 14, 2013
1: 59 AM

Sinister (2012)

They say that nothing’s truly original. It’s the unique blend of cliches that makes something seem original. Sinister derives all tried and tested elements of horror and masterfully churns them into an intriguing yet shuddering ride into the darkly world of occult myths and soul cannibalism. For a movie that begins with a yawning prospect of a fading true crime writer moving along with this reluctant family into a secluded house to investigate the closed case of a missing child who was a previous resident, Sinister expeditiously changes the channel, delving into a bizarre set of sequences that…