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To Begin with a Tie

As a boy in the second grade, all I knew then was to come back home promptly from school, gulp down a full tumbler of milk, change to a neatly folded pair of t-shirt and shorts, rush out the door, and jump down flights of stairs so that I wouldn’t be a minute too late in joining my playing group. Playing with friends for those two hours until twilight mosquitoes circled above my head was the highest point in a day. I hadn’t realized yet that there existed an alternate universe where, to be thrilled, all I…

April 18, 2011
4: 33 PM

Plural of Greatness

Indian: We have the world’s best batsman!West Indian: We have the best too!Indian: Come on man! How’s that possible?West Indian: Why not? Yours bats right handed. Ours bats left handed…

January 15, 2011
11: 49 PM

India’s 15 for World Cup 2011

This is my guess. Full Reel…

March 27, 2009
10: 43 PM

Dawn of the Don

Mar 27, 1994 Full Reel…

March 13, 2007
9: 59 PM

ESPN – oh poor thing!

I really pity the ESPN STAR sports channel to have lost the rights for this World Cup coverage. I am an ardent fan of Harsha Bhogle and his beautiful way of putting things along with the panel that could always show in-depth analysis in sensible and professional mode. Full Reel…