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Genre: Memories

May 30, 2016
2: 50 AM

Tamil Cinema

You wait in a queue leading to the counter. It maybe a short queue but the wait is long enough to bother you. Sometimes, it’s the excitement, the build-up to the show that keeps you hanging there. You do a rapid scanning of the seats and choose the center-most and the farthest from the screen available. You then swipe the menu and end up buying something to munch through for the next 90 minutes. You carefully stack those snack boxes and soda cans in your hands pressed against your chest and pace yourself towards the entrance…

To Begin with a Tie

As a boy in the second grade, all I knew then was to come back home promptly from school, gulp down a full tumbler of milk, change to a neatly folded pair of t-shirt and shorts, rush out the door, and jump down flights of stairs so that I wouldn’t be a minute too late in joining my playing group. Playing with friends for those two hours until twilight mosquitoes circled above my head was the highest point in a day. I hadn’t realized yet that there existed an alternate universe where, to be thrilled, all I…

August 2, 2013
1: 19 AM

The Old Mill in Technicolor

Times were simpler. Colors were vivid. Creators envisioned things. I always wish I existed back then; the real times I may call; to have a firsthand experience of watching the magic of a true creation unfurl before my eyes. Sometimes, I feel I belong to an era in cinema that dissolves itself in complete awe and admiration of works from the real times. We emulate. We recycle. Maybe we haven’t mutated yet. Of course we are now a step up in technology. We have sharper colors; sharper images and extreme realism in presentation. We build great things. But we…

June 23, 2013
11: 31 PM

The Guide

Watching a guide articulate on the finest temple sculptures in the searing heat of midday sun offers no poetic thrills. But it sure calls for empathy and a memorable one. 
Belur, 1996: It was one of the designated stops in the long tour around Mysore. My parents and I have always been thrilled to visit temples for a different reason – architecture. And Belur seemed to be an excellent choice at that. The cab stopped at the gate allowing us a generous 2-hour stint in the temple. With the sun beating down with vengeance, we had to cool off…

March 10, 2012
2: 45 AM

Thank you, Harris!

How do you that? Sometimes, you just hit the sweetest notes, don’t you? Your musical career is just over 10 years old and may even be shortened in future by rising criticisms on constant mishmash of your old tunes or strong derivations of Rahman’s songs or bad selection of movies. Maybe you are not the best in business; maybe you are not as prolific as your predecessors and competitors. But every time, I wait for your album even when the previous one disappoints overall. And it has been happening ever since I heard that enchanting album of yours…