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Genre: Writing

May 25, 2013
1: 28 AM


A thinking man, flipping a pen between fingers, that rolls, and rolls, so swift, so vicious, to the point of maximum dexterity, slips and falls on the floor, slides to a stop, fuming to the top from an edge like a curvaceous, ghostly smoke elegantly unleashing its presence, suddenly boxed in a container, suffering from void, turning into droplets, purified off all vice, glittering like crystals as seen by a gleeful child sticking its face on a window pattered by rain on a lonely evening, spotting cars with screaming vandals, whooshing past towards a cemetery for an underworld fantasy filled…

Useless Observations – 1

I think about such useless things, especially when I am facing serious deadlines at work. In all the Tamil movies involving AR Rahman-Manirathnam combo, there is at least one song in which the first two words of pallavi are the same. Is this a sentiment for the duo? Full Reel…

June 16, 2010
8: 54 PM

Are You Really Alone?

Are you really alone? Sometimes, you open your eyes in the middle of the night. Maybe, from deep sleep. You are sure that your eyes are open and ready to get a sense of what’s happening. Where are you? Are you still at home? You lose the sense of time. You have to wait for a moment to adjust to the darkness around. Now you are ready. To see things in the dark. Things that you never really see in the dark. There is strangeness. Sort of the numbness you hate. You may only be afraid of the situation…

May 14, 2010
8: 22 PM


There is anger. There is frustration. There is restlessness. And there is recklessness. They are all deemed sinister. The evil qualities that would eventually lead to the death of a man’s character. Yes, of course, unless they are celebrated. Render these blazing verses of that angry young man, Magakavi Bharathiyar. The anger wouldn’t wither away but soar astronomically in your minds, thereby making you touch freedom of the highest order. Full Reel…

March 16, 2010
1: 39 AM

The Reality Bug

I find a bug on the floor,I try to squash it,Disappears. Full Reel…