March 19, 2006
10: 24 PM

Pattiyal – a post mortem

‘Pattiyal’ movie review

Amidst all bang-bang movies in 2005, ‘Arindhum Ariyamalum’ directed by Vishnuvardhan sprung up as a refresher. The movie was dealt differently and suprisingly it did pretty well in the box-office 2005. With all expectations of his next directorial venture, here comes ‘Pattiyal’ aka ‘List’…

Bharath(kadhal), Arya (ullam ketkume), Pooja (ullam ketkume) and Padmapriya(Thavamai Thavamirundhu) have been cast in the movie with lead roles -sounds fresh with all new and budding faces. I chose to see this movie on a Sunday evening just seeking entertainment with no messages and subtleties..And the director seems to have empathized the sunday-evening mentalities of all the viewers with perfection.


Bharath as Selvaa, Arya as Kosi are two slum dwelling buddies with all those typical buddy dialogues of “I am for you and you’re for me”…Wait..did I say dialogues??? No… It’s just monologues for most of the scenes by Arya… Selvaa is deaf and dumb and befriended by Arya in his childhood days. What they do for the living?? They are hired killers and hired very cheaply and cunningly by a broker called ‘Saami’ played by Cochin Haneefa. They dance for deaths and kill people. Two women – Padmapriya as Saroja and Pooja as Sandhya are into their lives. Getting entangled in a killing they encounter the bad guy in the end. That leaves me with no more information for a synopsis..

Acting performances

Arya who used a different dialogue delivery in Arindhum Ariyamalum has imitated the same in this movie so to speak and it works well in the slow first half. There are some hilarious scenes in the first half and Arya does the job. Padmapriya has played a very dynamic and agile character which is totally the opposite to her role in previous movie “Thavamai Thavamirundhu”. The surprise package in this movie is that she has taken up the glamour phase and particularly in the song “Namma Kaatula Mazhai”. Pooja is given her fair share in this movie ans she does it calmly with less flaws. Needless to say, nobody could ever overlook Bharath’s performance in this flick. There are some very complex scenes which demanded face work and he does it with ease. The fact that he is deaf and dumb would really give the viewer a lot of interest in watching his scenes. He steals the show!!!! Commendable, Mr. Bharath!!!

Cochin Haneefa rightly plays the broker who assigns job for them and he plays the most important character which would be realized only in the climax of the movie.

Story, Screenplay and Direction

Vishnuvardhan does a good job as a director but he has to improve a lot, really a lot in drafting stories. A very very usual story makes an eager story lover spit right from the third and fourth scenes of the movie. Two hired killers-love-a villain-revenge doesnt qualify for a good plot. However there is some solace for the viewers in screenplay of the second half of the movie. Its fast and intelligent at some points.

Photography and stunts

The camera work captivates the viewer’s eye with the extreme closeup shots on actors’ faces stressing on the fact that Selvaa reads lips for understanding.. But loads of closeup shots with extreme ramping of the camera is a real pain in the eye fr all viewers. Scenes don’t get registered in our mind when such ramping is used as a style-tool, do they? Stunts are as usual and long as expected in an action flick- Nothing different.


Yuvan shankar Raja comes up with a reasonably good music. “Yedhedho ennangal vandhu” sung by YSR and “Poga Poga” are the good ones. Especially the picturization of “poga poga” song is the real punch in the movie.-Every viewer would love it – Very lively!! The re-recording is better than the songs and this movie needs a good BGM to stand up and deliver.

“Punnagai Poo” Geetha’s attempt to make lively, different and short production movies is noteworthy in the current trend of Tamil Cinema. But I don’t think it clicks in this. The movie could have done better especially in the aspects of story. However when it comes to entertainment who cares about stories??

The first half is slow which makes the second half look faster. The last 30 minutes is taken with grip and the climax is the only thing that could be called ‘Brilliant’ in this movie. The most fitting climax makes me wonder why such a movie wasn’t begun well from the first scene. Songs in the second half could have been avoided.

I am not sure why the director named it ‘Pattiyal’ but I believe it suits well with the list of murders they committ in this movie—-Believe me,,It’s a very loooong list!!! All-in-all,,, an attempted entertainer half succeeded with good performances from the actors and hilarious scenes is ‘Pattiyal’.

—-Bharath’s performance
—-Arya’s presence

—-First half

I would give it 7 /10.


  1. I Am Me | 21st Mar 06

    Did you watch the movie or did you do Code review??


  2. vigneshkumar | 22nd Mar 06

    Hey.. very nice review.. all the blogs are very nice.. i enjoy reading each one of it.. 🙂

  3. madhavan | 1st Apr 06

    Pattiyal was disappointing to say the least…They hv just copied the story of Pithamagan..

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