March 13, 2006
12: 02 AM

The Magic ‘ 872 ‘

A Roller Coaster ride..

Finally the ‘wanderers’ did it… It’s been a long wait since the 1999 World cup Semifinals when AUS pulled off a ripper. More than a victory, it’s just the true GUT feeling that made the South Africans rip through the intimidating 434 by Australia…

With the series levelled at 2-2 and the cruncher in the Wanderers Stadium, Johannesberg about to begin I couldnt just sit back and do nothing other than watching it ball-by-ball. After a perfect toss to win as I thought earlier, the Aussies began cautiously..

Then came “Ponting, the punter” with a mindblowing acceleration right from the mid 20 overs.. Ever since, it was only Massacre- The Wanderers Massacre. A daunting and the most unbeleivable 434/4 posted in 50 overs with Ponting’s 164, rubbed salt on the wounds. A World Record, and exactly after 10 years!!!!!

But there was no turning back by South Africa. The Captain led with all guts and ego to lift the momentum as it was virtually unacheivable. Not to mention, the Man of the day of this historic game of cricket, Herchelle Gibbs ignited the spirit in the crowd and peers, agony in the Aussies mind with a spectacular 175 (111)… Shouldn’t have he stayed to break Anwar’s 194???

Records are meant to be broken…But are they meant to be broken,, so soon????

I believe this record of 434 as highest team score ever was the most short-lived!!!! A rivetting chase with the veteran Mark Boucher 50* ,guided the team to 438/9 with a ball to spare.. Another record!!! A long standing one this time..

Now I strongly believe that it is a good toss to lose since one wouldn’t know what is needed in this magical batsman’s paradise..

This is by far the most thrilling, down-to-the-wire game I have watched in a long time.. Hats off to the “GUTS of South Africa” and condolences to the Aussies who once again proved their “Hit-hard-insult-the-opponents-comeback” habit….

872 runs in the day…Can you imagine???”


  1. Santhosh K.R. | 13th Mar 06

    I missed the match a lot.. To hell with this Set Top Box system(only in chennai:-(..)..Anyway got a bit of a feelin of it thro ur sms score updates and final over running commentary over the phone…wud like to watch the highlights atleast though it wont bring the thrill of seein a live match…

  2. Vijay Krishna | 13th Mar 06

    I think you fell victim to what Gibbs said during the post-match interview: “I wonder how people would be able to get up tomorrow and go to work” 😉

  3. Seshu | 13th Mar 06

    Aussies have one of the best batting line up. Best fielding side. But the factor which took the match away them was their ordinary bowling attack. They have to find a bowler someone similar to mcgrath to destroy the trojan horse that has hit their throne

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