March 15, 2006
11: 43 PM


The Star-Studded Throne?

I am a diplomat but surprisingly not a Politics buff. Maybe I am too afraid to know the uncouth nature of present day politics. Who knows?? I am the right candidate to rise as a successful politician.

Just going with the cliche ‘ My two cents” on politics:-

——–Its just a secret “Fight Club”

Just like the game of cricket being commercialized by promoting sixes, boundaries and fastest fifties, the world of Indian Politics (overwhelmingly Tamilnadu Politics) is being institutionalized by Film stars. There is a pattern and the pattern is followed, preached and projected.

If somebody asks a question ,”Who could possibly be the next chief Minister of TN?”
The answers popped out will contain a Film Star’s name.

Speaking of film stars, the persons who gain maxi image in this field are the HEROES and HEROINES but not just ‘actors’ and ‘actresses’.
When an actor is branded ‘Star’ by the people or even sometimes self branded as ‘superstar’ in the film industry, he/she automatically qualifies to become a politician..and not just a politician, but the CM of the state.

‘Hyped-threatened-retreated’ ideology is now becoming quite famous among stars. Believe me, politics is no soft bed that one can conquer becoming an overnight star with few revolutionary/punchy dialogues and flashy cooling glasses. You cant just have it if you just want it, you have to earn it.

Dr. MG Ramachandran (aka MGR), one of the most charismatic and glamoured actor the Tamil film industry ever produced, set the trend in 1977 with his party (AIADMK) by a smashing win in the state elections. The throne became *throne….There began the dreams of every possible film hero (or even a film artist) to control most commanding throne in the state.

But who is a film artist?? they are too just film goers or just an ordinary person in the beginning.
That brings the notion in almost 1/100 of film goers to dream of becoming CM of the state…But how does that illusory dream take form??? One and only through the handy medium or the most powerful medium – Cinema.. So if a person wants to become the white knight in the world of politics, his conscience instructs him to take up cinema as their food, shelter and clothing..

Even though many movies post a satirical way of criticizing how youngsters approach politics, its has no line drawn..

The latest in the list is Mr. Vijayakanth (aka Captain/Puratchi Kalaignar) after having hoisted his party hailed as “Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK) – National Progressive Dravidian party”…So he joins the list Dr.MGR, Janaki ramachandran, Dr. Jayalalitha, Vijaya T.Rajendhar, Sarathkumar, Ramarajan, Karthik and few more forgettables from the Tamil Cine industry…Did they or do they have aspiration???If at all they had aspiration, was it there before they landed in Cine industry or was it springing after the stardom???

There are lots more from this industry who still strive, thrive dangerously..The truth is –not everyone wins..Where is the real (not reel) identity? where is the come-what-may feeling to serve, where is the shrewdness to survive, where is the culpability of exploiting people’s foolishness, where is even the assumption that they are eligible to lead people??? of course service to people is secondary, isn’t it???

Secularism has become peculiarism and democracy is just becoming hippocracy..

Hope the pure phase of politics is saved from a common man who believes that service to people gets the roots only from the image or so called stardom in the cine industry.

With Captain Vijayakanth sounding alerts in the field of politics as yet another film star contender,

the *throne could now become *throne+1.


  1. vigneshkumar | 19th Mar 06

    Nice blog abt TN politics in particular.. But noone in TN has survived by juz their image alone.. MGR has did a lot for the state and JJ has much more talents and things.. And so she is also there and will b there.. But Captain with his speech alone cant do anything (and that too, too much of imaginary speech), So we have to wait and see about his Politics Career… 🙂

  2. Santhosh K.R. | 20th Mar 06

    Fool me ONCE…Shame on YOU…
    Fool me TWICE…Shame on ME…

    It’s jst tat the public has not been fooled twice or thrice but lots more than that… We need someone fresh(not necessarily vijayakanth) cos everytime it has jst been either the DMK or ADMK and they spend most of the times by doin the revenge politics and corrupt politics…the ppl wont mind the *throne to become *throne+1 if it does some good to them… Only time can tell wheteher vijayakanth will be *throne+1 or whether he will be thrown to none…

  3. Seshu | 22nd Mar 06

    Definitely 2006 elections is not going to be turning point in TN politcs. DMK and ADMK have spread their roots deep in the TN soil. So it is difficult to dismantle them in a span of few years. Propably they can use one of these parties to climb up and then start a seperate party like MGR did when he was in DMK. But neither DMK nor ADMK will commit blunders once again

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