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Theatre History: May 2006

May 28, 2006
1: 40 AM

Pudhupettai – Review

An Attempted Masterpiece…

Pudhupettai taglined ‘Survival of the fittest’ is rightly so by the projection of a youngster who fears “Survival” in the beginning, challenges “Survival” later and goes on to master “Survival” in the end. However, the aspect of the movie becomes entirely different after the last few frames are seen by the viewer.…

May 21, 2006
7: 16 PM

Great Moments: 30 and 29


Amaidhipadai (1994)

Performers: Sathyaraj, Manivannan

“Sozhar Parambaraiyil Oru MLA”

This scene is one of the best inadvertently. An out-and-out satirical view on Politics. Manivannan had given us some memorable movies like Nooravathu Naal, Chinna Thambi periya thambi. However this one is special. Sathyraj fits the role as no one could ever dream of.

While …

May 16, 2006
11: 24 PM

Great Moments: 35 – 31

In a conscious attempt to pay tribute to the well known 35mm , I wish to present 35 Great Moments that I still rejoice…

Padayappa (1999)

Performers: Rajnikanth, Ramyakrishna

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…”

If it’s one actor who can create astounding resonance and electricity amongst a somber theatrical crowd, it’s …

May 14, 2006
8: 30 PM

Greatest Moments of Tamil Cinema

What’s a great moment in a cinema? It may extend from 10 seconds to even 15 minutes that makes even a unthinking common viewer’s eyes glitter with completeness. The kind of impact it creates on a viewer, that should linger in mind as a flash of continous re-thinking. A great moment is a moment that …