May 14, 2006
8: 30 PM

Greatest Moments of Tamil Cinema

What’s a great moment in a cinema? It may extend from 10 seconds to even 15 minutes that makes even a unthinking common viewer’s eyes glitter with completeness. The kind of impact it creates on a viewer, that should linger in mind as a flash of continous re-thinking. A great moment is a moment that could tickle lots of things in a viewer – Sense of humour, Sentiment, verdict on unacceptable reality, visual refreshment, admiration of acting, pride of understandability and above all the never-relenting obsession of adopting recurrence of the ‘filmi moments’ again and again.

Since I was a kid, cinema was being a therapy to me as I would never ever give it up for any other sources of entertainment. Tamil Cinema in particular has been very therapeutic whenever I try to watch a movie of another Indian language. To be precise, Tamil Cinema is my Indian Cinema and will always be. This patriotism is now making me share some of the moments that I have always loved, talked about and admired and even boasted.

I have been unlucky in not trying my hand on all the movies ever produced in Tamil Cinema which was seeded on Oct 31, 1931 in the form of ‘KALIDAS’.

Howvever this package I present are the Greatest Moments of Tamil Cinema which I had WACTHED, RELIVED and will be RELIVING for ever. There may be a lot of Great Scenes unpresented here and that is strongly due to the viewership taste and difference in opinions.

The Moments will be presented with a countdown and will be presented from my next post!


  1. Seshu | 19th May 06

    Eagerly waiting for ur next posts. Is there any particular reason why u have chosen the number 35

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