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Theatre History: November 2006

Hoo Haa India

Indian team arrives at the carribean. They all sing ‘ulalala ole o’ ulaalalala leyo’. In the ecstasy of trying to pronounce ‘leyo’ ‘leyo’ ‘leyo’, they start laying more eggs on the ground. Quack! Quack! Back to the pavilion. So the frustrated BCCI, picks up a brand new team for the rest of the world cup. …

Soap, Soap, Soap everywhere


Prime Time Plight???
What is it with the mega serials? Channels like Sun, Jaya, Star gold, Sony, Zee don’t even attempt to telecast programmes with some innovation, creativity and striking humor. Whenever a poor soul lounges before TV seeking some good entertainment, all they show …
November 8, 2006
11: 00 PM


When in primary school, we used to have endless verbal wars.

Two kids scorning each other like,,,
1. Idiot
2. Its you! Idiot 2 times
1. You! idiot 3 times
2. You only! idiot 4 times
1. Nah! you idiot infinity times
2. He he, you are an idiot (Infinity+1) times..

What is infinity? I …

November 7, 2006
10: 19 PM

Tinkle Tinkle Little Star

Comics never spare anyone. Be it even Sheldon or Ayn Rand or Archer or Blyton. It would have certainly kick-started the nascent imaginations in their early childhood. Comics are typically the cult favorites for any kid crawling about the size of a cricket bat. For me, it was Tinkle.

Tinkle in three words – Simple,

Up Raisal

Appraisal time!

This is the time an employee is made to understand what a loser he/she has been for the last 6 months. Well, in a nutshell, it is quite a waste of time.

I found the above interesting cartoon from

With relevance to the above cartoon, in the tamil movie Pudhupettai, there …