Soap, Soap, Soap everywhere


Prime Time Plight???
What is it with the mega serials? Channels like Sun, Jaya, Star gold, Sony, Zee don’t even attempt to telecast programmes with some innovation, creativity and striking humor. Whenever a poor soul lounges before TV seeking some good entertainment, all they show is Two-scene-five-break-to-be-continued kind of mega-serials. In that 15 minute- running time, characters weep for 5 minutes, crib for 5 minutes, hug each other and then weep again for 5 minutes.
Preferred threadlines – Woman power, Male chauvinism, Love failure, Joint family splitting up. Is that it? Isn’t there anything else in this world?
Target Audience – Suppressed people in order to make them more pessimistic.

Lead actress in that serial – Yesteryear ‘star’ currently ‘marketless’

Writer’s block is spreading like a brushfire in our country. Weaving the junk stories has gained more priority than anything else. Money-making motive drops over every creator’s eye. People have started selling more smoke than substance. I have seen soap flicks like Santa Barbara, Bold and Beautiful but western channels are more diversified and genre-based. They have channels for each kind like movies, soaps, humor, action, cartoon and adventure. So the choice is yours. Indian channels are more like a potboiler!

Being an Indian, I have to say that I am terribly disappointed with Sun tv which sprung up like a whirlwind 12 years back. Today, it is one of the most popular channels running ahead of it’s competitors around the world. But steriotype has invaded this channel in course of time. While the quality of transmission gets overwhelming, the quality of programmes goes on degrading. Too much dependency on soap serials keeps sucking out the humor sense hidden in every watcher’s mind.
Melodrama is a part of life but they spread the feeling that sadness is the only thing encircling human life. With the kind of revenue these channels generate, it is quite affordable for them to invest some risk in showing creativity. Exploitation of primetime of supressed men and women shouldn’t be there prime target. They run a long way with prejudice that home-staying spouses prefer only melodrama and junk-weaving. Long way, I mean like 1000 episodes of “Aracha maavu”. They even repeat the mega-serials on a daily basis after midnight to capture the desi viewers living abroad.
Some channels even show ‘rainy-print’ movies worth a kilogram of onions. Gosh! where is the entertaining spirit??? As an ardent humor seeker, I would love these prime channels to reduce junk, soapy melodramas and enlighten the viewers with some humor, innovation and non-cliched ideas.


However, on the other side there is some solace. Comedy scenes from movies, Performance shows like ‘kalakka povadhu yaaru’, Spoofs like ‘Lollu sabha’, Debates like ‘Neeya Naana’ are comparatively new and innovative to tamil audience. Even though most of these programmes are just emulation of western programmes they are good and watchable.


Please! No more soap! It’s getting way too slippery.


I sincerely hope that tamil channels like Sun network, Jaya, Vijay can take the initiative to come up with some creative shows in the future. If not them, then who?

Just to point out a personal factfile, the only tamil series that ever touched my strings is Marma Desam by Naga. That was truly a great attempt!!


  1. Vignesh Kumar | 11th Nov 06

    Star Vijay is really trying to do something wrt bringing new programmes though they aren’t original..

    Then, according to me I can even sustain the Mega Serials in Tamil Channels, But when it comes to News 🙁 I don’t have any words to say..

  2. Praveen | 12th Nov 06

    SUN news sucks big time!

  3. dany | 18th Nov 06

    Vijay TV too sucks number of advt are more in Vijay TV.

    Nice post anyways Praveen.

  4. Praveen | 18th Nov 06

    Yeah ryt. No indian channel is throughly good and watchable. Vijay TV has taken over dhoordharshan’s role in showing number of ads.

  5. Kittu | 29th Nov 06

    serials are nothing but serial killers..

    good post.

  6. Praveen | 3rd Dec 06


    Serial Killer —- That just about sums it up!!

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