November 7, 2006
10: 19 PM

Tinkle Tinkle Little Star



Comics never spare anyone. Be it even Sheldon or Ayn Rand or Archer or Blyton. It would have certainly kick-started the nascent imaginations in their early childhood. Comics are typically the cult favorites for any kid crawling about the size of a cricket bat. For me, it was Tinkle.

Tinkle in three words – Simple, Colorful and Ecstatic!
I remember those days when I used to grab 10 bucks from my father for those paper-thin tinkle editions sold in the central station. Tinkle Digests served me better for the entire journey, in fact. More than the stories, it’s the expression of those characters that drew my imagination wild. I do relive those dotted moments of trying to re-draw the tinkle characters on the moving -train-upper-berth, ducking close to the rusty ceiling fan.
Why not? Long nosed Suppandi, Dimwit Shikari, Ram & Shyam, Anwar, Mooshik…still live through the current age of 3-D animated characters. Those cute moral stories in the initial pages always had injected a childlike wit inside me. This cult comic is the one of the greatest memoirs of my childhood!!
Tinkle – The simplestest version of storytelling, period.


  1. dany | 8th Nov 06

    i am still n avid fan of tinkle

  2. Praveen | 8th Nov 06

    You said it

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