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Appraisal time!

This is the time an employee is made to understand what a loser he/she has been for the last 6 months. Well, in a nutshell, it is quite a waste of time.

I found the above interesting cartoon from http://cagle.msnbc.com/

With relevance to the above cartoon, in the tamil movie Pudhupettai, there is a diologue delivered by smooth-talking politician to the angry Kokki Kumar. It goes like this, “Naan mathavana Ethi vittu Azhagu paakaravanda! Kaalla vizhu, Kaalla vizhu Kumaru, Kaalla Vizhu!!”

Can you guess who is at the lower end of see-saw? It is of course the ‘Business Need’. You (the appraisee) are always on the top (doesnt mean you are ranked top). It may imply that you just weigh 21 grams. You can be lifted off easily.

Thumb rule: Management always wins. But, hey! Is there a fight first of all????


  1. Vignesh Kumar | 7th Nov 06

    Thank God.. Atlast U changed that Template, It was looking very very bad.. 🙂

  2. Vignesh Kumar | 7th Nov 06

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  3. Vignesh Kumar | 7th Nov 06

    Btw, Enakku Appraisal-naalae Sesha-dhaan Gyabagathuku varran… 😀

    But, how the hell can our Big Baasha Baaiii weigh just 21 grams.. He he he 😀

    Nice post..

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