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15. Thaya Thaa Thaya Thaa (Thiruttu Payale)
MD: Bharadhwaj
Singer: Sadhana Sargam

Well, to be frank, I will be interested in a song that is sung from a woman’s point of view. The mood of the song needs to be literal which isn’t that easy. Snegidhane (Alaipayudhe), Thirumana Malargal (Poovellam Un Vaasam) are my all-time favorites. A man’s emotion towards a woman is very cliched in my opinion as there have been countless tracks like that. This track continues to impress me. A sweetly done song by Bharadhwaj after a disappointing performance in Idhaya Thirudan. Sadhana Sargam has given this song all the life it needed. She sounds just about perfect, a very unique voice indeed. The arrangement is good and there is an underplayed chorus in this song which gives some relief unlike when I hear some lengthy chorus lalala’s from the 80’s.

A nice melody, truly!!

14. Eno kangal (Kalvanin Kadhali)
MD: Yuvan
Singers: Sadhana Sargam, Yuvan

I had a trendy crush over the ‘blop blop’ sound with which this track begins. O’ my that’s really good. I have heard many people whistle that particular tune when this song hit the charts. A song that gives you a refreshing feeling. A technically posh song with lots of keyboard usage. However, the tune is never sacrificed for the magic work behind. I still adore this song for the guitar used. There is no big scope for the singers but the tune wins hands down.

A rock solid song from Yuvan!!

13. Oruthi (Kalinga)
MD: Imman
Singers: Madhu Balakrishnan, Mathangi

I have to confess that not a single soul who reads this would have heard about this song. Also, I have to confess that this is really a lost gem amongst the big gems of the year. Of course, the movie ‘Kalinga’ is a kind of movie which nobody might know when it got released. Imman – This man has got the potential for composing some mesmerizing songs but I feel he is one big talent-underused. I strongly feel that some hot-shot directors and producers should give this man a better scope to perform. I could see him doing a lot of movies, sadly B-grade movies with tongue twisting trivial remixes. This song blew me out literally. Madhu can’t sound more melodious than this. Mathangi’s humming is a true life-support for this melody. Simple guitar, piano and soft beats doesn’t overrule anything good.

Blissful track!! Madhu sounds good.

12. Un Parvayil (Unakkum Enakkum)
MD: Devi SriPrasad
Singers: Karthik, Sumangali

I have mixed opinion on Devi Sri Prasad. He tries different instrumentations in each song he drafts. But somehow I feel his tunes are repeated. This song has a nice tune and it gels well with Karthik’s voice. This is unmistakeably Karthik’s best song of the year. Personally, I am moved by the flute that starts swaying around the 00:26 second mark. I am an ardent fan of music strips. I listen to certain strips of a songs again and again and again. This kind of looping would always loop me in it’s rhythm. I like several songs in bits and pieces rather as a whole one. This is one such song.

Lovely song, in bits and pieces!!!

11. Urugudhe Marugudhe (Veyyil)
MD: GV Prakash Kumar
Singers: Shreya Ghosal, Shankar Mahadevan

What a beautiful song! It’s a Deja Vu of the beautiful feeling I experienced when I was swindled with the Kurukku Siruthavale song from Mudhalvan. The picturization is also polite and fitting. Shreya Ghosal is a big find in the Tamil music industry. She stands out in this track. I am totally impressed with the youngster GV Prakash who has delivered a matured music at this age. Hope we get more from him in 2007. This song being an important song in this movie has not been spoiled in any way. Hats off to the crew!!!


10. Innisai (Varalaaru)
MD: AR Rahman
Singers: Naresh, Mahathi

This is the version that was picturized in the film with Ajith performing on stage. This song would certainly have captured selective audience big time. The carnatic smell in this song is inevitable as it serves the purpose. The overall environment and mood of the song are perfect. Naresh has sung really well at places but the “thom thom thananana” chorus consistently transitioning in the backdrop increases my indulgence. This song grows on me more every time I listen.

Very ambient and moody!

9. Enga Area (Pudhupettai)
MD: Yuvan
Singer: Dhanush

This is one song which has taken a unique identity amongst all the songs this year. Simply because of the irregular tempo of the song. What’s not there in this lively piece?? Rap, Trance, Drums and catcall styled lyrics are orchestrated in perfect tandem. I am always crazy about songs that have a humorous rapsy tone in them. It’s difficult to compose such songs. Enna Samayalo, Strawberry Kanne, Pettarap are of this kind. I got hooked to this song as it has honest hard-hitting lyrics which unravel harsh truth about class consciousness in a typical urban society. In spite of the reign of songs that speak about love, national integration and other sentiments this song comes out with an entirely different and opposite flavor.

A stature of a layman living in the dark side of the society is aptly portrayed in this song. “Thanni vandi lorrykitta sanda podum ponnunga” Picture Perfect!!! It wouldn’t be a hot favorite for people with prejudice on low-life in a city.

“Ah welcome pudhu pudhu pudhu pettai…” This song rocks!!

8. Loosu Penne (Vallavan)
MD: Yuvan
Singer: Simbu, Blaaze

I ran away with loose shorts from the remix version of this song. Terrible! But the actual one is ecstactic. I got a synonymous opinion from those who like this song – the music strip (piano resembling Kushi Theme by Deva) with which this song starts close to the first minute of this song. Well, where is Phil Collins?? Does he smell his “Another day in paradise” here?? The different pitches, this song gets into is really making it stand apart. I am totally swept by the persussions in this track.

Simbu’s modulation is excellent!!

7. Karka Karka (Vettaiyadu Vilayadu)
MD: Harris Jeyaraj
Singers: Tippu, Devan, Andrea

“Raghavan, stay in the process, top dollar curry lil’s, ready, como’, lets go”

Kamal’s introduction is simply stylish as he turns daring against the goons perfectly in sync with the initial trance music. Way to go, HJ!!! This song got right into my heart from there. The picture is pretty cool showing assorted endeavors of Kamal in this movie. The song injects a haunting tone to a listener. However it gets racy every time the rap is pierced into this soft enthraller by Top Dollar, Lil, Akhenaton. I get thrilled when the interlude starts as
“You speed and you get pulled over n the breath analyzer test provides proof that you aint sober…Good Cop!”

One of the best introduction songs of the year!! It’s different.


  1. Dan | 28th Dec 06

    this post reiterates i have not been listening to tamil songs lately.

    inisai alapadai, loosu penne are good ones.

    karka karka sounded better in theater with the visuals.

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