2006 – Top 20 Tamil Songs >> 20 – 16

20. Nenjankootil Neeye (Dishoom)
MD: Vijay Anthony
Singers: Unnikrishnan, Jayadev

This is a beautiful song staging a stuntman’s love for a girl. I just adore the picturization (that lush green grass-decorated wagon) which holds up this song accompanied by a sweet tune from Vijay Anthony. The voices of Unni and Jayadev are alternated for every 4 lines which is the typical ARR style. However, he tries to imitate HJ in introducing something like Chinese (simplified) humming in the interlude but doesn’t pay well. A simple melody that carries all characteristic stuff.

In short, sweet!

19. Ennama Devi (Thambi)
MD: Vidhyasagar
Singers: Karthik, Manika Vinayagam, Balesh

Madhavan as Thambi is the angry version of a common man. You could see it from the ‘Che Guevera’ print on his shirt throughout the movie. This song is an introductory one which has to portray his viewpoint on the current age (like a world which is non conforming to morality). The tune with which it starts reminds me of the Village Festival song from 16 Vayadhinile.

Surprisingly there are no forceful, hard hitting beats/drums that instigate anger, frustation and cynicism in the listeners. There is no loud voice but there IS loudness in the thought and the music helps it big way. Why I like this song? It has a beautiful and unlikely softer presentation. Vidhyasagar is certainly good when it comes to using classical music. The song uses rustic percussions (Melam and Thavil) as well, blandly mixed with classical tone. The anger is poured out soft and that’s really striking hard.

Couldn’t have been better!

18. Poga Poga (Pattiyal)
MD: Yuvan
Singers: Haricharan, Saindhavi, Harini Sudhakar, Vijay

The song begins with a rap resembling some backstreet philosopy in Rhapsody. Then starts the real song. The soft beats pull me in and jerks me out. Simply the rythm Yuvan crafts here is brilliant. This is a chorus song for a major portion as it’s sung by four friends. The picture of the song made me like this more in fact. The scenes cut and flash again in sync with the song’s stopping and dragging beats. I like any song with those virtual clapping sounds, though they are a bit feeble here.

Not Yuvan’s best but one of my favorites this year!

17. Theeyil Vizhundha (Varalaaru)
MD:AR Rahman
Singer: AR Rahman

A soothing number! Every interlude when ARR takes a high-pitched hum, the pain’s crest is indicated. The pain’s trough is smoothly brought by the submerged tune in the middle of the song. ARR does well and the instruments are minimal to give a distant feeling for the protoganist from lost happiness. That’s why I love this song! The faint piano in the backdrop does it.

Simply soothing!

16. Veyilodu (Veyyil)
MD: G V Prakash Kumar
Singers: Jassie Gift, Kailash

The village scenario is beautifully served for the sore eyes. Every frame of this song is applauded from heart by the audience. The director’s indulgences have to be given an encouraging pat. A stroke of nostalgia this song would bring is honeslty laudable. The newcomer G V Prakash has driven the song with liveliness. The drums are plain as a nose on our face and the tune is simple too. The jubilance and energy of the moving picture in sync with the music makes me feel good.

An enjoyable after-meal number!

The rest will continue in the next post…


  1. Vignesh Kumar | 27th Dec 06

    I liked Theeyil Vizhundha song soooooo much..
    Though i dint see how the picturization was..

    But u hv given 17th place.. 🙁

  2. Dan | 27th Dec 06

    eagerly awaiting the countdown.

    dishoom song and varalaaru are very good songs. others i havent heard.

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