2006 – Top 20 Tamil Songs >> 6 – 2

6. Paartha Mudhal (Vettaiyadu Vilayadu)
MD: Harris Jeyaraj
Singers: Bombay Jayasree, Unni Menon

That mouth organ piece in the beginning – Wow! It sweeps me out, instilling a tickling romance inside me every single time I listen to this piece. The song then sets off with Jayasree’s lovely voice. Harris has the uncanny knack of cinematizing nursery rhymes or choir type songs perfectly. Another instance I can quote is from Sami’s ‘Veppamaram Puliyamaram’ song where Tippu sings a line ‘Jillunu kalaiyil ezhundhiruchu, silamba kaathula suzhatuvenga’. It’s funny like an LKG rhyme but it’s cute as well.

Paartha mudhal song used to be the last song before I dose off every night. It gives such a beautiful feeling to sink in these complementary voices, HJ’s binding orchestration and Thamarai’s sensible lyrics. The picture of this song is exquisite in my opinion as I could see Gautham’s presentation improving by the film. The presentation of “Kaatchi Pizhai pole” – As they would be sailing on the motorcycle with a discernible back projection. Tiny things!

It’s a treat!!!

5. Oru Naalil (Pudhupettai)
MD: Yuvan
Singer: Yuvan

If Selvaraghavan stands before me, I would get hold of his collar and ask “Why didn’t you picturize this beauty?? Why?” This track would have added a touch of mastery to his relentless movie-making. If you hear this song you would get the feeling “Wait wait, where are you hurrying? Slow down, sit, relax.”

Yuvan has poured his bleeding heart out on this. Particularly the godly violin piece that stretches from 4:00 to 4:25 in this track. Awesome!! Sometimes we wonder if a violin string gets plucked off when a shivering note is played like this. I am not a big fan of Yuvan’s voice since he tries too much at high pitches. ‘Poi solla’ song from April maadhathil was a complete spoilsport. But in this track, he has really sworn in to maintain the mood throughout. Hats off Yuvan! I like the line “Ethanai kodi kanneer mann meedhu vizhundhirukum, athanai kanda pinnum boomi ingu poo pookum”. Again a loop mode for me…

A classic from Yuvan!

4. Pul Pesum (Pudhupettai)
MD: Yuvan
Singers: Tanvi, Vijay Yesudas

Hip Hop has invaded Tamil music in recent years. 2005 had blockbusters like Kaadhal Yaanai, Kannum Kannum Nokia from HJ. This year’s best of the kind is this piece. I am sure most of them wouldn’t agree this song fitting even in the top 20. I was also one of the persons who rebuked that the song was a disappointing number from Yuvan. But now, I have to confess this song holds a special place in my heart. I am a big fan of dark humor. Only few songs would create that mood thinking of which you can fear and smile at the same time. It gives you a feeling of virus-enclaving-you – an overall feeling of being invaded deeply by some force, a slow force in fact.

The rap style is mixed with Hip hop in complete control. The music played in the second interlude (3:20 to 3:50) and towards the end grip me standstill. There are some songs that keep you retained with the same tempo till the end. But this song is an exception. The tempo increases slowly and steadily and by the time you reach the final point of this track, you are left gasping. You have to look back where you started. My word, this is Yuvan’s unbelievable performance.

A slow poison, a dangerous addiction for me!!

3. Munbe Vaa (Jillunu Oru Kadhal)
MD: AR Rahman
Singers: Shreya Ghosal, Naresh

How sweeter can it get? This would be the best in the list of many listeners. ARR’s stroke of genius! Shreya ghosal has given solemn life and wetness – That’s exactly what this piece begs for! The piano at the start is melting as it plunges more sweetness into my heart. This has become one of my most favorite music strips. There are certain songs which are vested with the power of changing a person’s mood to orient with that specific mood. This is one like that. This song also injects more of a ‘home’ feeling than an ‘outdoor’ feeling for me. A sure sweeper of the charts this year. The picturization was done neatly but I feel it could have been a tiny bit better.


2. New York Nagaram (Jillunu Oru Kadhal)
MD: AR Rahman
Singer: AR Rahman

The quality of tiny beautiful sounds recorded for this song doesn’t amaze me because it’s done by ARR. A touch of glory and professionalism blend in a godly way. The three concepts involved in this song – Distance, Loneliness, Love. Vaali’s admirational lyrics stay as young as possible. ARR’s voice has got thicker but the integrity of his voice at high pitches still paints the listener’s face with awe.

The vivid imagery I get whenever I hear this sultry piece.

A lonely man walking on the seashore, shoes in hands, trousers rolled up to kneecaps, sandy legs, lazily seeking fresh water to splash on his face in a framely motion . A raised eyebows and a tiny smile on seeing the waves swaying to this haunting instrumentation. All in all, a watery feeling!

If you notice, ARR doesn’t use any short play of instruments in this. Any interlude that’s played is played long. A draggy and prolonged usage of guitar, piano and keyboard purely resembles the distance and solitude of the lover. I didnt quite expect this kind of picturization from the director. The director has taken the closed room and urban backdrop since it involves words like “Nagaram, Naangu Kannadi chuvargal..”. The constant shift in the picture like a ‘Powerpoint Presentation’ annoys me. It increases the speed of the actually dragged song. Nothing gets registered in the memory. A video is kind of a let down but the haunting tune and conceptual orchestration is mind blowing.

ARR at his best!


  1. Deepika | 29th Dec 06

    Very nice review. Reading this I started forming my own countdown :).Sudum Nilavu (Unni’s voice is amazing) and Unnai Kandene were missing in ur top list.The intricate details about all songs were extremely good. I went back and listened to them following ur lines.Enjoyed doing that :). Good one!!

  2. Praveen | 29th Dec 06

    Thanks 🙂 Sudum Nilavu is a nice song but it didn’t strike me as a different one.

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