2006 – Top 20 Tamil Songs << Number One


Manjal Veyil (Vettaiyadu Vilayadu)
MD: Harris Jeyaraj
Singers: Hariharan, Nakul, Vijay
I fell flat for this song when the album got released. After that I lived with this song for the entire year and I still do. Humming, whistling, moaning wherever I was and while whatever I did. This stimulating peppy track from Harris has been brought up in a truly lively fashion in the voice of Hariharan who is one of my all-time favorites. Whenever I start hearing ‘Vennilave Velli Velli nilave’ I just can’t stop until the entire track winds up.
Arrangement – simply brilliant! The song never fails to lose the tempo or break badly as in most other songs. That’s what makes this special for me.
A special mention to the lines,
Thayakkangal vilakudheThavipugal Thodarudhe
Adhuthadhu enna enna endredhan thedudhe”
I have heard these particular lines so many times just for that weeny piano at the end of each line. Hariharan’s modulation around the line “Yaaro Yaaro Yaaro aval” is the best part. Gautham has done all justice to the speedy motion of the song through his picturization. Kamal and Jyothika taking a night out with leashed emotions over each other shown from long range, wide angle, 35 mm camera shots. The crew has certainly taken pains to present the song this way. I loved it!
Finally, the way this song ends with the rythmic humming of Nakul and Vijay gives me a feeling of an enthralling ride. A very neatly presented piece! This song undoubtedly stands as my best of the year. Hariharan and Harris strike a beauty together after “Moongil Kaadukale” from Samurai. Right there, Into my all-time favorites!!
Just love it!!


  1. Anonymous | 30th Dec 06

    Excellent review!! Just loved going through each of them listening to the songs which were new to me. Every detail and even the smallest thing which you point out in each song really amaze me. Not all really hear songs paying such attention, appreciating the music director and singers. Listened to the song ‘oruthi’ after reading your review. Its sad such a good song went unnoticed. It’s surprising that even such songs were analyzed so well by you. Keep it up…Good work!!

  2. Anonymous | 30th Dec 06

    Dude…Cant be without commenting here after seeing your External Blog.
    Believe me, I had fwd the this song list of urs to all my friends..
    Keep writing such reviews…

  3. Praveen | 30th Dec 06

    Thanks a lot!! This really encourages me to write more..It’s just that I am always interested in telling how I react for the songs’ nuances. This review is just a reflection of that!!

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