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Here is the list of responses thrown by our tamil cinema viewers while coming out of the first day first show,

Super sir, padam soooper, super, super, super, first class fightu, songs weightu, hero acting super, heroine glamour super, shtyle pucca, climax stunt super, super, super, super, thaali sentiment super, amma sentiment soopero super, padam …

October 7, 2007
1: 55 AM

Uninspired Copy


Hats off!!!!!!!! To the entire crew for making a FRAME-BY-FRAME COPY of the Thailand Horror gem called Shutter(2004)

Acting and Make up are terrible to say the least. Even the BGM is lifted comprehensively!!!! When is this Cine industry going to make something original?????…

July 28, 2007
1: 04 AM

Some gems of Yuvan – 2

Sevvaanam Vetkam – Poovellam Kettupaar (1999)

This song runs for around 2.5 minutes and I have always been very disappointed about that. Why does it have to end so soon? Why does it? – I keep on muttering everytime I hear this. Every other song in this movie have been talked of so well (especially …

July 21, 2007
6: 18 PM

Some gems of Yuvan – 1

En anbe en anbe – Mounam Pesiyadhe (2005)

I just love this song. It never breaks or falters at any point, I mean right from the moment it starts with that breezy flute. Soft beats then start flowing in sync with the voice of Shankar Mahadevan inducing the subtle pain of love through the words …
June 17, 2007
5: 14 PM

Sivaji – Movie Review

Sivaji – Bachelor Of Silver Screen

Rajni shows what is true stardom in Tamil cinema amongst a rising generation of stars who constantly crave for the so called ‘imitation’ stardom.

The charismatic Rajni hits the silver screen with his latest venture ‘Sivaji’ that is considered the costliest Indian movie till date. …