January 9, 2007
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2006 – Tamil Top 10 Tamil Movies >> 4 – 2

4. Veyyil
Director: Vasantha Balan
Cast: Pasupathy, Bharath, Bhavana

Guilt, shame and agony – How does a sombre man suffer from all these sultry emotions when he rejoins his family after a painful separation? This movie delivers exactly the same. Not more, not less. The director has done a serious travel into the deepest nerve of such a man (played by Pasupathy). I would always be interested in any such movie that is narrated from one person’s point of view. Pianist by Roman Polanski is the best example I could state instinctively. This movie is carved brilliantly for most of the running time but it fails miserably when the relationship between Bhavana and Bharath are emphasized. Why do we need that?? There are few scenes inspired from ‘Cinema Paradiso’ which is a great Italian movie but they are beautifully Indianized.

The words ‘Market, Entertainment, Compromise, Glamour’ play a lot in Indian Cinema. I mean, I could prepare a long list of potentially good movies getting collapsed with such inappropriate intrusions. Likewise, in this movie, keeping in mind about the producer’s stakes, the director has changed the course in the 2nd half which spoils the entire beauty of the movie (though viewers might like the irrelevant Bharath-Bhavana encounter). I personally feel this movie would have earned the maximum credits if it hadn’t deviated from the storyline in the second half. When they get deep down into a person’s emotions why do they want to mess up by inserting few deviating, superficial scenes??

However, Pasupathy’s performance as the protagonist has given this movie all the glory, life and applause it deserved. He deserves a standing ovation. Very professional!! The young MD, G.V Prakash Kumar has given us some lovely songs and the artwork is simply amazing. Nativity drools in every frame of the movie. Hats off to the crew!! Vasantha Balan HAS a future.

Swaying, moving and scintillating!!!

3. E
Director: SP JanaNathan
Cast: Jeeva, Nayanthara, Pasupathy, Aashish Vidhyarthi

Sadism, Exploitation, Ignorance, Guinea pigs – This movie is certainly an important venture. It leaves even the literate viewers in shame for the ignorance on such pitiful existence in the under-developed countries (India in this case). Is India really developing in this aspect?? Now, that’s a question!! Ignorance is not a bliss sometimes.

This movie is definitely not original. Constant Gardener (2005) is a movie that speaks about the grave consequences of Bio-warfare and the conspiracy behind that and so does Jananathan’s ‘E‘. This is a hard-hitting, ruthless scorn on the ignorance of common people. Jeeva as ‘E’ has swept the movie with an effortless performance. My goodness, how he’s matured in stature!! The ‘matter-of-fact’ presentation and insisting dialogues hook the audience unconditionally. The biggest edge this movie has, is the rapid pace in which it moves.

There are very intriguing moments shown in total spontaneity. They reflect the nuances of low-life in a typical fashion. Depressing humor, you gotta see them!!!

In a salon, Jeeva spraying water like a deodarant to refresh his armpits.

Karunas telling Jeeva, “Dhuddu karaka mudilena innathuku luvvu??”

Jeeva arguing with Pasupathy aggressively “Sotthuku edhuvum illama roatla kadakaradha poriki thinravan enna maari ‘E’ aadhanya varuvaan!!”

It’s the story of a smalltime thief called ‘E’ trying to make big money by keeping an international criminal (Pasupathy) on the run. The saddening reality behind Pasupathy’s extremism is explained in clarity. Nayanthara in an imporant role for a change, gave a commendable performance. Songs which aren’t needed in the first place are not good to hear too. Director Jananathan could have done the graphics a bit better but guess the budget couldn’t stretch. Climax should have been shot better. However, a hugely laudable performance by the entire crew.

See it, believe it!!!

2. Vettaiyadu Vilayadu
Director: Gautham
Cast: Kamalhaasan, Jyothika, Daniel Balaji

Frankly, the cast-crew value and ecstactic songs pulled me into the theatre. Believe me, I was overwhelmed when I came out. I always had the fear that hugely hyped movies, bomb in the box office. But this movie proved the opposite. VV, a box office smasher in 2006 is technically brilliant, intelligent and racy. Gautham hasn’t let down in narration once again. Though, it was rebuked for imitating Kaakha Kaakha I couldn’t agree entirely. Yes, there are few measly similarities but this movie has it’s original moments. In fact, more captivating moments captured in detail (Kamal’s mannerisms and cop-eyed expressions for example). Jyothika seemed very professional and sure she has matured a lot in acting.

However, the biggest find through this movie is Daniel Balaji playing the maniacal stalker on the run with his ‘homo’ partner. He has delivered a relentless acting to define the raw character he’s given. The movie grips the viewer right from the beginning when Kamal throws a flat challenge to a local rowdy in a unique style. Combat stunts, aerial camera shots, racy BGM and terrific songs can never be spared for a round of applause. Gautham-HJ combination strikes gold for the third time in a row. This movie entertained me to the max this year!!

Raw, Racy and Stylish!!!

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