January 3, 2007
8: 51 PM

2006 Top 10 Tamil Movies >> 10 – 8

10. Thambi
Director: Seeman
Cast: Madhavan, Pooja

Fight fire with fire!! Condemn violence using violence – This movie deserves the spot purely for the criticality of it’s thought. Don’t you see a silhouette of your own anger, rampaging in the air when a ruthless crime happens in the society?? We all see! Sadly, we all just see. ‘Thambi’ is a man who takes that ‘One More Step’. But again, heroism springs up only after getting personally tolchoked. So, yet another ‘same old’ kind of flashback pops up. A very cliched presentation, but with some force. Well, in few scenes, the director seems to have been caught up in some sort of surge to deliver the message. Hence, the professional presentation is a lacklustre.

However, the movie stands out in the consistency of ‘thought projection’ – till the very end, in fact. The climax justifies the objectivity. The central point is loud and clear but the overall execution could have been better, avoiding sticky songs and abrupt stunts (which evoke laughter). Madhavan’s performance is quite an exhibition here. His overt expressions and driveling lectures on violence hook the audience to their seats for few moments. Overall, the movie scores on thought but loses out on narration, making it less interesting to watch.

The thought winner, The act loser!!!

9. Kodambakkam
Director: Jaganji
Cast: Nandha, Diya, Kalairani, Manivannan

Refreshing my memory, KB’s Oru Veedu Iru Vaasal (2nd episode) was the last vivid depiction of a close-to-realism scenario happening behind the reels of Tamil Cinema. This movie is queued up in the same league. To be frank, the movie’s line of thought is close to my heart since I came up with a short story last year, called “Behind The Scenes” narrating a new director’s maiden rendezvous with producers and writers in a discussion room. The pain which is involved in compromising a good story for a silly ‘Masala’ is truly sticky. That stickiness is superbly portrayed by the director. The casting is almost brilliant in this movie. Nanda abides perfectly by the emotions of a man with such a mission; Kalairani – what to say, she is born to be melodramatic!! However, diya as a village girl doesn’t fit in at all.

It’s an irony that this very movie contains glamourous songs and few junk scenes just to kill time and glory. The director can bow down to accept that he is also a trap for that kind of cinema-ism. Overall, a refreshing attempt amidst a truckload of stereotyped movies.

Clap, clap!!!

8. Thiruttu Payale
Director: Susi Ganesan
Cast: Jeevan, Sonia Agarwal, Malavika, Abbas

Void life, Chance, Golf, Trust, Betrayal, Richness, Love, Blackmail, Friendship, Duel and Death are the tags I would associate with this bizarre thriller filmed in noir style. I was quite impressed with Susi Ganesan’s ‘Five Star’ which served a dish of youth, humor and love in a completely refreshing mode. Must confess, he has taken a reverse gear to come down with 3 stars through this movie. I personally feel the immense potential this movie contained is terribly wasted by jumpy screenplay and artificial acting.

The first half is a taut package. Scene by scene, the drama gets tangled and mysterious. Clever and cunning, Jeevan makes money from fearful Malavika, stacks them, spends them, and then tries to make more money from her – all through continous cold-blooded blackmails on a grossly offensive betrayal. But. there has to be some sort of ‘catch’ for his relentless money-making. The ‘catch’ is pretty impressive as it is unveiled in an innovative climax. The movie gets off track often, irritating the viewer to some extent. Bharadhwaj has given a brilliant BGM to ride along with the movie’s manic screenplay. The biggest plus is Jeevan’s casual performance and series of tiny twists and turns in the beginning and towards the end. The biggest letdown is Vivek’s comedy. The dragging scenes and songs happening in Australia should have been chopped off.

Great potential, blighted!!!

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