January 8, 2007
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2006 – Top 10 Tamil Movies >> 7 – 5

7. Imsai Arasan 23M Pulikesi

Director: Simbudhevan
Cast: Vadivelu, Vadivelu, Nasser

Yes! I could register two different versions of actor-comedian Vadivelu in this movie. In multi-action movies, it’s very imporant to portray the uniqueness of each character. ‘Micheal Madhana Kama Rajan’ is the best example that strikes my mind. All 4 roles – I could associate each one of them with some originality. I saw this movie for 2 reasons,
1. Vadivelu
2. Vadivelu.

He sweeps the show completely. A refreshing slapstick (not the best of the league) is given by Simbudhevan to the audience through this period film. But, somehow the movie as a whole doesn’t settle in my mind. It’s a goner! More of a passtime visit to the theatre. That’s because of the lack of professionlism in the art and settings. A period movie with a serious second half should deserve better art-work. I was a bit let-down on the production values too since the inspiration from Chevalier Sivaji Ganesan’s Utthamaputhiran is very obvious.

The director has depended too much on Vadivelu’s magnetism in this movie. The acting from other supporting characters could have been a little better. Nasser, with his hair-style reminds me of Bethaal in Vikram aur Bethaal!!

A unique environment, an overall let-down!!!
6. Dishoom

Director: Sasi

Cast: Jeeva, Sandhya, Nasser

I was enthralled by Sasi’s debut venture ‘Sollamaley’ since the movie strictly sailed on script rather than stardom. Sasi is studded with the knack of presenting a gloomy concept in a very lively way. Dishoom, aptly titled, is an epitome of that.

‘Risk’ Bhaskar (Jeeva) is a daredevil stuntman. But the movie leverages the ideology of a stuntman to ping-pong the love between ‘Risk’ Bhaskar and Cynthia (Sandhya of ‘Kadhal’ fame). The movie is not as simple as it sounds. It shows a complex relationship between both of them. Clean-cut and forthright heart-ruler (Jeeva) counting endlessly on a typically calculative mind- ruler (Sandhya). Who wins? That’s an obvious answer in Tamil Cinema. How it wins? That’s the story! Both the lead roles are carved exactly the way they need to be. Supporting roles by Nasser and Malavika (KB’s ‘Annie’ fame) are played to perfection. The songs and their picturization are good but the screenplay and dialogues get the viewers to focus more.

Definitely, not the typical love story!!!
5. Pattiyal
Director: Vishnuvardhan
Cast: Bharath, Arya, Pooja, Padmapriya

This movie intrigued me in bits and pieces. Again, another movie potentially spoiled. The director could have done wonders with the kind of set-up this story has but he has succumbed to few compromises here and there . The ambience and casting are really good, typically spoiled by unnecessary songs and scenes in a humorous first half. However, the second half of the movie has a neatly taut screenplay.
Bharath playing deaf and dumb has delivered an excellent performance bar none.
Technically a sound movie, the camera work and BGM have given refreshing dimensions for the viewers. All the intricacies and nuances involved in the friendship of two contract-killer-orphans (Arya and Bharath) are captured faithfully. Frankly speaking, I was blown away by the climax of the movie which enveloped an air of coldness around the viewers. Summation is brilliant! The realistic ending has truly fetched ‘Pattiyal’ this spot!!

Contracted to view!!!

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  1. Kittu | 9th Jan 07

    pattiyal, enmagan, vettayaadu vilayadu, thambi were all good movies.

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