January 20, 2007
10: 53 PM

PachaiKili MuthuCharam – Music Review

PaChAiKiLi mUtHuChArAm
Gautham – Harris Jayaraj

An Instant Favorite…

This is not pathbreaking. This is mesmerizing. This is not agitated. This is calm and cool. This is not a “Bubblegum” album. This is a calm acheiver.

Let me get submerged in the mood of the album,

1. Unakkul Naan (Bombay Jayasree)

HJ-Jayasree combination is turning out to be a prospective ARR-Hariharan. This song gets right into the base-voiced mood that Jayasree creates like in her every other piece. It proceeds calmly until the fantastic interlude starts at 2:37 with a refreshing humming followed by a beautiful violin. Those soft beats in sync with the Violin bit hooked me into this song. A mature track from HJ with the combinational glory of Jayasree.

Tailor-made for Jayasree – 8/10.

2. Un Siripinil (Sowmya Rao, Raphi)

What an amazing song? The beats can be hailed ‘beautiful’ instead of ‘rocking’ and I have to make a special mention of the singer Sowmya Rao. She creates just about everything this song needs – sweetness, harmony, slowness and ‘the search’ . Raphi has done an equally good job but somehow I get the feeling of hearing Harish Ragavendra, the ‘lost Harish’ in fact. The sax and violin are used at the right spots to dissolve us in full swing. However, the first line of first stanza

Unakkul irukkum mayakam, andha uyarathu nilavai azhaikum” reminds me of

“Paladaikal sumai thaandi, adhai muzhudhum neeki vittu kulithen” of Malargale song from Pudhukottayil irundhu Saravanan.

The song’s tempo is neat and brilliant and leaves us wanting more and more as it ends. Keep your eyes closed, your sensations will do the rest!! Best song of the album!!!

Flooded my heart, instantly – 9.5/10

3. Kadhal Konjam (Naresh)

This is one of those songs that you can hear while travelling or throwing a light party at home. A fast and light hearted track. This is a typical HJ song just like “Ore Paarvai Paar” from 12B. A peppy number that will get you going with a nice old guitar in the middle.

This is certainly not as jubilant as the “Sorgam Madhuvilay” classic but surely a lively track from such a beautiful, moody album.

Nice and lighter – 7/10

4. Karu Karu (Karthik, Krish, Naresh)

A rapid paced song that gives the equal and opposite feeling of “Un siripinil” song. Just superb! As this song starts, one might wonder where is HJ’s shade but when the chorus starts as “Oru Mallicharame, ilai sindhum marame” we say “Ye, there it comes”!!

I love the tune “Thamarai ilai neer needhana…” that drools at various points of the song. The feeble rock used is terrific and blended perfectly with the tempo of the song. There is a considerable usage of Keyboard but it doesn’t repress the words and emotions.

Frisky and zippy – 8.5/10

5. Unakkul Naan (Madhusree)

Remove Bombay Jayasree’s voice and place Madhusree’s voice. You get this cloned song. I liked the previous one better because I don’t really connect with Madhusree’s voice (more like Sadhana Sargam). She has a “keech-keech” voice but that’s my opinion only.

An album filler – 6/10

Well, while this album is no Kaakha Kaakha, it certainly equipped me for more HJ albums. He is right in the groove and has certainly improved in some areas. His uncanny knack of adding sweetness to the songs is still intact. His instrumentation, though not entirely original, is surely mesmerizing. He keeps the songs neat and presentable as always. Kudos HJ!! Hope the picturizations turn out well.

PachaiKili MuthuCharam rocks, but softly!!!



  1. Arun | 21st Jan 07

    Thanks for the review friend.

  2. Praveen | 21st Jan 07

    Thanks man!

  3. Anonymous | 22nd Jan 07

    Good Review dude… Liked Song #1,2 n 4…Simply awesome.
    Could u do a review on Unnale Unnale songs…Very eager to know how u actually felt abt the songs in it.
    To me HJ rocks in UU. No wonder if all the songs become a hit.


  4. Dan | 22nd Jan 07

    i can already see another gautham menon style villain on the making from the posters 🙂

  5. Praveen | 22nd Jan 07


    Thanks man! I have been hearing the two albums (UU and PMKC) since they got released. HJ is rocking big time!!!

    Yeah, I will write review on UU too..

  6. Praveen | 22nd Jan 07


    I think Gautham is in the process of showing his signature just like Manirathnamn used to show in good old days of Agni Natcatram where his villains usually wear white and white and old looking as well..

    Anyways…PKMC is a remake of Derailed (2005).

  7. ilayaraja_rerecordings | 7th Nov 09

    Even, i liked the songs, until i came too know that "Karu Karu" is a direct rip-off of an english film.

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