January 19, 2007
11: 32 PM

VJ Lekha

It’s been a long time since I watched MTV, Channel V, VH1… Usually VJs are very expressive and eloquent in shows from these channels. Somehow I feel Indian Channel VJs lack that spirit. They are trying to be too intelligent when communicating with the callers. That’s a bad way of doing it. VJ’s should serve the caller’s time in a silver platter and make them feel comfortable in the first place. The more the VJ tries to be fast and flowery, the more they mess it up.

SS music is one good South Indian Music channel. The VJ’s with a good sense of presentation are selected. Shriya Reddy set the trend 2 yrs back with a very different way of layering with the callers. But sadly, she is into movies now. No worries, whatsoever.

Lekha, the newcomer is simply energetic and ecstactic. She has taken over the prime slot in style. The name of the program is PCO.

Things I noticed about Lekha – She is very clear, loud, expressive , most importantly she makes the caller feel good about calling. She makes them talk which makes me watch. She has an appreciable sense of humor and good structuring of the entire call (like it doesn’t drag for more than 5 minutes). She really uses good presence of mind to respond to callers who ask dubious, awkward questions sometimes. She also never leaves the caller go gaga about her looks and beauty. But of course, she acknowledges that subtly to not disappoint them. Even though she doesn’t speak Tamil fluently, she admits it and tries to speak out without the slightest of fuss on caller’s request. That’s the spirit one should show instead of standing there with a fussy elite face. It’s all about frankness.

Let me cite an example. Once a caller asked “Why don’t you wear Chudidhars. You would look really good in that right? Why do you always wear jeans??” She said with a smooth and undisturbed tone, “Yeah sure, I like chudees and I would love to wear them. But what to do?? My manager wouldn’t allow me to for the sake of the show!!”

That’s why she is rocking the slot of 9:30 to 10 pm, Monday to Friday, SS Music. She is quite an impressive and articulate VJ amongst all the recent Indian VJs.


  1. Anonymous | 22nd Jan 07

    Yeah man..VJ Lekha juz spontaneously vivid, wild and wicked at times.


  2. Vignesh Kumar | 2nd Feb 07

    SS Music ??

    I guess by meaning South Indian => they hv narrowed down to TN and Kerala..

    We rnt getting that channel over here in Hyd.. If not in Hyd itself.. Huh… :'(

  3. Praveen | 5th Feb 07

    U r welcome 🙂

  4. Anonymous | 5th Feb 07

    hey, Muchas Gracias! a friend of mine sent me this link…
    I’m glad someone’s watching:)
    – Lekha

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