Traffic and morons

There are few instances I can tear a paper and eat it in sheer frustration. Traffic is one such instance. That’s when two morons stand in the middle of the road arguing to keep up their pride. When an accident happens like a bus scratching the car door, hardly can u see a person injured. Even when such cases of no damage done, the car fellow wouldn’t move his car to the side so that the vehicles behind can move freely. He would park his car and roll his sleeves for a fist fight or some stupid endless argument. This is just an excerpt from what I have seen.

The interesting point in accidents like this is who rushes first in blaming the other. Whoever wins in the blaming contest will win the support of the watching crowd. Some jobless morons who watched the show will come as mediators. The aim of the mediators most of the times will be to extract money from both sides. All these happen in case of policeman’s absence.

Sometimes, if the policeman is present at the spot he wouldn’t clear the traffic. Instead, he would knock or scorn one of the persons who doesn’t have big backup. He will urge to book a case but no one will. Even if some upright citizen comes forward to book a case, he won’t. He will say, “Leave your vehicle in the nearby station, pay the fine in the court and get your vehicle” and the way he says this will make the official process look very tedious. The affected person will eventually shy away. The small sum of bribe will look attractive. Beleive me, finally a chunck of money will be drubbed from the least influential person.

The best way to escape from an accident is to be defensive. You can escape without bruises. If you want bruises, you can do so by the side of the road but not in the middle of the road when people who really have some work are caught in the traffic. Why should we waste time in the traffic watching these morons shout, argue or fight like stray dogs? Why can’t they move aside and fight? who is going to stop them?

2 reasons for huge traffic jams and stalling:

1. Some accident with affected vehicles parked in the middle.
2. Some VIP crossing that road.

Why can’t these VIPs commute in helicopters – they can travel fast and also avoid road travel. Common people are the worst affected. All tired office and college goers already have to bend their backs and necks in sulking pain after tedious work. But if they are made to wait like 300 hours for the VIP to cross the road it’s absurd. Everyday in traffic jams in NH 45 or Kathipara, we can see 2 to 3 ambulances screaming with sirens, waiting to pass. It’s not possible for the vehicles in the front to move since the whole area is jam-packed. In that gap, if we do so much as a scratch to a vehicle nearby, a fight will start. Absurd! The cops will also be a part of the traffic, shouting in ever-noisy megaphones for all the vehicles to leave way for the ambulance. Only the policemen could decipher what they say over those phones. How can one move when there is no gap. Ambulance service should also be ‘helicoptered’ in my opinion. We can’t play with lives in crictical conditions for such ridiculous traffic jam.

In the movie Mudhalvan, Shankar would have portrayed the traffic jam and it’s grave consequences very well. The reason for that jam would have been very trivial like VIPs crossing or some morons arguing. People should think twice before getting into such pointless arguments in the middle of the road. They think they are saving pride of who wins the race in blaming, but in reality, whoever passes by, will only spit on their faces.

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