March 13, 2007
9: 59 PM

ESPN – oh poor thing!

I really pity the ESPN STAR sports channel to have lost the rights for this World Cup coverage. I am an ardent fan of Harsha Bhogle and his beautiful way of putting things along with the panel that could always show in-depth analysis in sensible and professional mode.

Set Max is more on the side of entertainment than with a hardcore cricket tone. Exploitative sometimes too, just like they start showing commercials before the commentator settles down with his comment on the last ball of the over. Focus is always on India which is wrong. This is a world cup. Though max no.of viewers will be Indians, it doesn’t mean that they should have an Indian-oriented presentation. Ethics should be the key. The analysis by the panel is good but not upto the standards a World Cup would deserve. Sure they get the biggest old time players as panelists but they lack that sprouting analysis on techniques and hypotheses. While the match is going live, they don’t display any statistics or analytical points on the game. Only the score is displayed with some Tiger running here and there. Pathetic!

Commentary is dull and uninspiring. On the contrary, ESPN is good in terms of that class coverage and is stuffed with some potentially good reviewers and statisticians. I really feel bad that they have missed the boat this time.

The next world cup is in India. This means, ESPN can better start thinking about 2015 WC rights. Phew….


  1. Vijay Krishna | 21st Mar 07

    ESPNStar have rights for all tournaments till 2015, don’t they?

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