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Theatre History: June 2007

June 17, 2007
5: 14 PM

Sivaji – Movie Review

Sivaji – Bachelor Of Silver Screen

Rajni shows what is true stardom in Tamil cinema amongst a rising generation of stars who constantly crave for the so called ‘imitation’ stardom.

The charismatic Rajni hits the silver screen with his latest venture ‘Sivaji’ that is considered the costliest Indian movie till date. …

June 16, 2007
10: 46 PM

Trendy Songs

How many times have you wondered why some movies becomes a hit?

I am talking about movies that have no substantial reasons to become a hit but have been so. Movies that are driven by weak script, poor acting, junk dialogues, dragging scenes, disturbing camera work and logic-defying editing.

But sometimes, there can one element …