June 16, 2007
10: 46 PM

Trendy Songs

How many times have you wondered why some movies becomes a hit?

I am talking about movies that have no substantial reasons to become a hit but have been so. Movies that are driven by weak script, poor acting, junk dialogues, dragging scenes, disturbing camera work and logic-defying editing.

But sometimes, there can one element by which the movie soars in box office collections. People throng into the theatres to see that movie just for that one element – A single song! You could have seen the crowd enthralled by the pure charisma of the song and dance in the cinema halls. Many times I have seen the songs being shown more than once in the same show and also with local gimmicks like bright red lights around the screen. Just like in a carnival!

Personally, I have not been a big fan of those songs because they leave the heart as fast as they encroached it. I also get turned off when those songs are emulated in subsequent movies falling under the same trend. But there is a huge fan following to those songs still revering in their hearts.

Here is a little list of such songs which primarily contributed to the success of those one-song-wonder-movies.

1. Ilamai Idho Idho – Sakalakala Vallavan
2. Vaa Machan Vaa – Vandisakkaram
3. Thanni Kodam Eduthu – Vaigasi Porandhachu
4. Mala Mala Marudha – Chocolate
5. Manmadha Rasaa – Thiruda Thirudi
6. O Podu – Gemini

Now, is this the power of music or the weakness of script in Indian movies?


  1. Vignesh Kumar | 17th Jun 07

    Checking out ur page after a loong time..
    The theme is so cute..
    And above all, the captions used.. Cool.. 🙂

  2. K Praveen | 21st Jun 07

    Thanks da!

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