October 7, 2007
1: 55 AM

Uninspired Copy


Hats off!!!!!!!! To the entire crew for making a FRAME-BY-FRAME COPY of the Thailand Horror gem called Shutter(2004)

Acting and Make up are terrible to say the least. Even the BGM is lifted comprehensively!!!! When is this Cine industry going to make something original?????


  1. srividhya | 7th Oct 07

    Lets raise our big fat middle finger to the director who messed up with copyrights of the movie “Shutter” (supposed to be one of the best K-Horror movies).
    Forget the director stealing the script but has he done justice to it? NAaaaahhhhh! Hey u r talking abt originality in tamil movies….you must be joking!

  2. Vijay Krishna Narayanan | 10th Oct 07

    Maybe they thought about us, the lot that doesn’t watch Thai movies, and made a Tamil remake. As for the quality, maybe they thought, “ivangalukku ellaam idhu podhum.”

  3. Dan | 25th Oct 07


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