Here is the list of responses thrown by our tamil cinema viewers while coming out of the first day first show,

Super sir, padam soooper, super, super, super, first class fightu, songs weightu, hero acting super, heroine glamour super, shtyle pucca, climax stunt super, super, super, super, thaali sentiment super, amma sentiment soopero super, padam nalla fast moving – soooper, 100 days, 200 days super duper hit, kuthu songs super, screenplay saravedi, thalaivar vaazhga, varungala mudhalvar vaazgha…

Here is the list of information available to normal citizen on cinema posters,

Pattaya kilapum 15th day!
Adhiri budhiriyaana 55vathu naal!
boologame potrum bodhanai, idhu engal saadhanai!
Dhool parakkum, visil kelappum, sevil therikkum 75th day!
Munnusamy varugiran, sarithiram puratta!
Kudumbangal alai alaiyaga arangam vandhu pottrum!
Record sales in history of world cinema registered in Annamma theatre!
Mega hit, record sales across 105 centers, 245 theatres in India, Pakistan, Dubai,Bandhar seri Bhagwan…

Here is the gist of standard tamil movie inaugural/music release function,

Hero: Romba vithyasama oru padam. Naan idhu vara nadichadhula romba vithyasama character. Songslam romba vithyasama irukku. Item song and kuthu song foreignla roadla shoot pannirkom…Foreigners adhu paathu romba appreciate pannanga..

Heroine: Enniki idhu tamil cinemala first movie. I have acted in 2 hindi movies, 2 telugu movies and 3 kannada movies. All were superhit. In this movie, I play a very different character. I play a homely tamil girl who can be homely as well as glamourous. She falls in love with this guy and tries to dance with him all along the movie. Hope this movie fetches me success in this industry. Thank you.

Villain: Vanakkam. Romba oru vithyasamana oru character. Hero and Heroine love panraanga. Ennoda vela avanga rendu perum sera koodathu. Padam romba vithyasama vandhurukku.

Director: Indha padam vetrri perum urudhiyaga. hero, heroine superra act pannirkaanga. Music sooper hit. Producer enakku appa maathiri. Appa maathiri illa..appaavethaan. Ennoda ore aim cannes film festivalukku indha padam nominate aaganum.

Producer: Ellam valla iraivana naan vendikiren.



  1. Vignesh Kumar | 26th Nov 07

    LOL.. 😀

  2. Venkates P B | 27th Nov 07

    Good observation…’Super’

  3. Saranya Chandrasekaran | 26th Feb 08

    hilarious post! but very true. Thus is the state of Tamil Cinema these days.

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