The Video Cassette Collection – 3

Track: C’est dur dur d’être un bébé (It’s tough to be a baby)
Album: Pochette surprise
Year: 1992

Can you imagine that the singer Jordy Lemoine was just around 4 years old when this single was released! This video has to be the only one of its kind till date. It will put a wide smile on your face every time you watch it. Very simple yet catchy tune! Jordy’s baby accent is the drawing point. But be warned this song is not just for kids. There is something strikingly important for the adults and it’s deliberately shown at around 1:50 min.

My favorite part is when both the kids, in the later part of the song, just stand together and recite the lines, “Oh la la bébé, Oh la la bébé” – adorably cute!


  1. Dan | 7th Nov 09

    welcome back to blogs

  2. K Praveen | 7th Nov 09

    Thank you Ramesh 🙂

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