The Video Cassette Collection – 4

Track: I am Every Woman
Album: The Bodyguard (OST)
Year: 1993

What a range this woman has in her voice! Whitney Houston.

This track is supposed to be the remade version of Chaka Khan’s “I am Every Woman” from the late 70’s. But I love this video for Whitney alone. It’s as slick as it gets with all those disco beats and moves and her sparkling wide smile. All energy! It’s the kind of song that fits in perfectly well for singing together in parties or picnic trips. I remember humming this during the recess time those days in school and how I banged the desk in sync with, “I got it…I got it…I got it…got it…baby…baby”.


  1. Dan | 8th Nov 09

    never knew you were a music fan ..

  2. K Praveen | 8th Nov 09

    Still I am 🙂

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