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Theatre History: January 2010

January 29, 2010
12: 02 AM


Amid the long walk,
The wheels slow down,
A pond beside, serene and pristine,
Invites the old traveler with sore feet

Be my guest,
Let me refresh you,
Taste me,
It’s been a long wait, comrade!

Oh, no high hopes,
Speaking of bad experiences
I am an old man, a cynic,
Here to quench my …

A Spectacular Battle

A black stallion
With no rein, no control
Strides across the beach
In golden sunset.

The majestic ocean,
Ruffled by that elegance,
Pushes its rampant waves
For a battle of supremacy.

Waves foray in those strides
But an abrupt silence
The battle only builds up to a spectacle
Of an unassailable magnitude.


Body Music

Are you an angel?
How often have you visited me?
To take away my soul.

But first,
There are some doubts,
What do you do with souls?
Trade them?
Wash them clean?

I don’t want to be traded,
I experienced that all through my life,
I’d like to think the latter
Please, do wash …

January 26, 2010
12: 30 AM

The Dilbert Principle

The most ineffective workers will be systematically moved to the place where they can do the least damage — Management.

Scotty, you ROCK!


January 23, 2010
11: 57 PM

The Case of the Missing Button

Employee 1:

Hey, did you try the new T-Shirt?

Employee 2:

New? I thought it was recycled from…

Employee 1:

Come on, it’s new and gifted to us on account of our great contribution for the success of the Business Unit.

Employee 2:

Yes, I liked it. But, one of the two buttons was missing.