Body Music

Are you an angel?
How often have you visited me?
To take away my soul.

But first,
There are some doubts,
What do you do with souls?
Trade them?
Wash them clean?

I don’t want to be traded,
I experienced that all through my life,
I’d like to think the latter
Please, do wash me clean,
Let me be pure for a while, in your hands, that shine,
The very thought of experiencing that is killing me,
And plunging me into an endless reverie

What do I do now?
I am restless to know,
I lose the meaning of self, as you lift me, my soul, with grace
There’s no magic wand in your hands, yet there is magic,
In your touch,
In your smile,
In your carry,
In your hug,
So delicate, like handling something incredibly brittle
There’s separation in an union, as I unite with your colorless soul, and
Remain separated from my body.
It’s only a preconceived notion. Remember!

Here it comes,
The Moment of Truth
I feel lifted,
Just in the air for one brief moment,
You still hold me, you hold me still,
Don’t drop me, please
I wish to hover in this layer,
For a sensational moment

My body, that’s no longer mine,
I look at it from above, like how you see me now,
My eyes startle in disbelief to see it doomed like a stone,
And ever.

Do I want that?
Do I desire?
Do I despair when there is no desire?
I think so,

I loved being inside of that, moving along with it.
I created music, words, expressions,
I could reach out; to the ones I loved,
I could taste and smell whatever I liked.
All when I was inside of it.
Being away from it,
Feels almost like a lusty blow.

But now,
My being in your grace, in your heal,
Is all momentary, that locks me in euphoria,
Only for a tiny while

Will you drop me back?
Will you immerse me back?
Into that body,
I strive to continue from where I left,
This lovely moment,
Has healed me to face the old music,
For a long time to come.


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