January 12, 2010
11: 30 PM

Silent Movie (1976) – Review

“Wait! You’ve got the wrong dog!”

This is a not a dialogue that you hear but see in a caption card that leads up to one of the most hilarious sequences of this buoyant classic. Yes, this is the Silent Movie, which speaks PURE FUN for the entire 90-min journey into the hysterical world of Mel Brooks.

Mel Funn (Mel Brooks), a rehabilitated drunkard director, tries to make it big in Hollywood by doing a Silent Movie. He, along with his eccentric, funny-faced friends, visits a big studio that faces a takeover by an evil agency called Engulf & Devour (our fingers are in everything). In light of saving the declining studio, its chief agrees to fund the movie but only with a tricky deal, ‘Sign up with the big Hollywood stars and cast them in it’.

Therefore, Mel and his boisterous gang set on a journey to rope in flamboyant stars like Burt Reynolds, James Cann, Liza Minnelli, Anne Bancroft, Marcel Marceau and Paul Newman (played as themselves). Well, the scenes that follow will make you laugh so long as you get your tummy twisted.

Slapstick humor always wins! And with a satirical plot, it’s simply irresistible. Silent Movie is the perfect example. You got to see it to believe it! It gets funnier by the scene, right from even before the title card rolls, where they say, “That poor woman is incredibly pregnant. Let’s give her a ride!” and end up driving the car on its two rear wheels as she takes the backseat.

If I had to pick the funniest scene in this movie, I would be spoiled for choices.

Would it be the ‘I have a terrible glandular condition’ scene?


The one when Marty switches the dogs in front of the restroom?


Would it be the one where Dom Bell is at the Coke vending machine?


The one where the ignorant receptionist reads the “My Filthy Dreams” book?
Pick this classic on a Sunday afternoon! You will laugh out loud!

Delightfully recommended!

Tiny fact: Marty Feldman has the funniest eyes in the world!

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