March 7, 2010
9: 03 PM

Cold Blooded (1995) – Review

Sometimes, you do not need extravagant cinema to entertain you. A simple tale, spun with some humor, can put a smile on your face as credits roll by.

Cold blooded, by the title, may appear to be a self indulgent violent tale that involves a psycho slashing throats of innocent people with motored chainsaws. But, it’s quite the contrary. This is original, humorous, and makes the minimum of fuss to unfold the proceedings.

Cosmo, living in a basement, is a young book-keeper. He spends his day by keeping books and watching baseball on TV. That’s all he has got and that’s all he wants. One day, he is asked to meet his boss, who is a mob leader. Impressed by the young man’s work, his boss promotes him to be a hitman. Cosmo is reluctant but he has to accept that offer. He meets Steve, the old and veteran hitman, to get trained for the job. There begins the story.

Cosmo, in the course, falls in love with Jasmine, a yoga teacher, and treats her the way she wants. In turn, he starts thinking what he wants. Love?  If that’s what he wants, would he get that by any means?

Cold Blooded has a beautifully woven love story rolling out quite silently on the sidelines amidst the moronic environment created around Cosmo. As a matter of fact, they fall in love without options!

If you love deadpan humor, this movie will please you. Everything about this movie is casual. The interactions between Steve and Cosmo are lively in the dullest possible way. Jason Priestley fits as Cosmo to a T. And all supporting actors do a great job in being the morons who create that world around Cosmo.

Watch this fresh attempt in characterization and you will smile after that innovative climax!

Cosmo is cold bloodedly funny!

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