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Theatre History: July 2010

July 31, 2010
2: 58 PM

Ethical Stranglers

I want to die painfully. I hire another strangler to do the job. But he keeps talking instead of getting into the act. He wants to ease my pain using his deft hands and give me a silent death. It’s his work ethics. I am annoyed as it’s opposed to…

July 16, 2010
9: 33 PM


I liked the self. I began admiring it and then obsessing on it. It was a natural process. As years rolled by, self had gained too much love and attention over everything else. I was called a narcissist. I couldn’t digest that kind of an accusation. So, I decided to shatter…

July 13, 2010
7: 27 PM


Amid a crowded bazaar, a little girl notices a bunch of money slipping off a woman’s hand. Within a moment, she sees a rose slipping off the woman’s hair too. Fearing that it would be trampled in the rush, she readily picks up the rose and hands it over to…

July 12, 2010
9: 17 PM

Stopgap Arrangement

There’s a door on her forehead. He opens it and walks ahead until he reaches a portal called mind. He expresses his love but he is being ridiculed for that. He realizes that expression is just not enough. So, to impress, he presents his entirety like a true showman does. He…

July 10, 2010
9: 42 PM


It’s time for the puppy to step out to the open world and sprint as much as it can. While playing with the other dogs and their puppies, it notices a kitten resting under an old shed. The curious puppy runs towards the kitten to touch it. Thrilled by the…