July 13, 2010
7: 27 PM


Amid a crowded bazaar, a little girl notices a bunch of money slipping off a woman’s hand. Within a moment, she sees a rose slipping off the woman’s hair too. Fearing that it would be trampled in the rush, she readily picks up the rose and hands it over to the hasty woman. The woman who realizes she has missed both the things thanks the kid and says, “Kid! That money is more important to me”. The girl says, “But the rose needs you! That money on the street can attract anyone and solve its own purpose. Will you please wear the rose now?” The woman bends down with a smile, and holds her face gently, rubbing her nose with the kid’s. “Hope a rose needs me too!” says the kid. The woman says, “Ah! What can it possibly do on you? You are full of fragrance already!”


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