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Theatre History: August 2010

August 11, 2010
9: 29 PM


People always used that ladder to climb onto the rooftop. The ladder experienced a flavor of bliss whenever climbers did that. However, once climbers reached the top, they had no use of it anymore. Some of them ignored it. Some of them kicked it back to ground to make it difficult for…

August 4, 2010
10: 20 PM


He loved to walk straight ahead. He constantly complained about the shortcuts people take. His grumble was suddenly heard. As he was walking, he came across a tunnel. Near the entrance, there was an old signboard reading, “This tunnel will lift your spirits”. Without a doubt in mind, he paced…

August 2, 2010
8: 40 PM


Driven by saturation, he sits on a spot and shuts his eyes. He forgoes food and water for days together. People gather around to witness this self-torturing act. His beard burns, bones protrude, and face turns black. Blisters appear all over his body, as the heat keeps invigorating. People couldn&#8217…