August 11, 2010
9: 29 PM


People always used that ladder to climb onto the rooftop. The ladder experienced a flavor of bliss whenever climbers did that. However, once climbers reached the top, they had no use of it anymore. Some of them ignored it. Some of them kicked it back to ground to make it difficult for the next climber. Since new climbers kept on coming, the ladder went onto serve through generations. One day, climbers felt the ladder had lost its valor to stand up and support the climb. They threw it away, replacing it with a new ladder. The old ladder tried to lift itself up to prove it was still good enough for them, but in vain. It just couldn’t give in to the climbers’ ridicule. So, it started crawling resolutely in search of a pit and eventually found one that blocked people’s path. The resilient old ladder painfully bridged itself across the pit for people to cross over to the other side.


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